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For homeowners who want to add style and class to their kitchen, a granite countertop is the ideal statement. With kitchen counters, what sink to use is often as critical of a choice to make as selecting the stone slab itself. There are two types of sinks that can be installed – granite composite sinks or stainless steel.

Although stainless steel is one of the most popular choices opted by homeowners, granite composite sinks are gaining popularity because they provide homeowners with a sink that is matched in color tones to their granite countertop. Using either same or complimentary color schemes, granite composite sinks can become a part of every modern day kitchen, offering full functionality along with style.
Moreover, granite composite sinks are resistant to everyday wear and tear. Being scratch, chip and stain resistant makes a granite composite sink perfect for the family kitchen.

Do your clients need a specific color scheme for their kitchen countertops?
Come To Granite Imports Where We Offer A Wide Range Of Granite Slabs For Kitchen counter tops, Vanity tops And More!

Why Choose Granite Imports for Granite Composite Sinks?

  • At Granite Imports, we stock only handpicked, premium granite materials.
  • We offer a large range of wholesale granite slabs and sinks, making it cost effective for fabricators to buy their granite through us.
  • Granite Imports stocks 4 different colors of granite sinks that are suitable to all colored schemes of granite and can be used for under mounted or drop in mounted sink installations.
  • The range of thickness of the granite as well as the style of the sink also varies, providing you with many options; such as a single bowl sink, a 50/50 or a 60/40 split sink that you can provide to your customers as you manufacture their ideal countertop and granite composite sink configuration.
  • Our premium granite slabs and other high-end composite materials satisfy the most demanding of quality standards.
  • As we offer over 300 colors of granite slabs, homeowners can come to our store to browse through our selection, choosing the color scheme for their home that they will love.

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