Preferred Fabricators in Denver

Our focus is on supplying stone for countertops. You’ll need to hire a specialty contractor called a fabricator for the cutting and installation. They’re the absolute key to a successful, minimally stressful, project.

We partner with the fabricators below on a regular basis. There are fabricators not on this list who will do an excellent job for you, too. It comes down to setting aside time for research and due diligence to make sure the one you choose is the right fit for you.

What To Look For

Attention to detail and good communication are two important traits. Also, think of fabrication as both a technical skill and form of art. An excellent fabricator will know how to transport and handle 1,000 pound pieces of stone safely, plus have precautions in place should something happen to that slab while being moved.

And an excellent fabricator puts beauty into their craft. They know how to minimize the look of seams, how to join L and U-shaped pieces together so the veining flows, how to get the most out of the gorgeous slab you’ve given your heart to.


We sell to fabricators only, so you'll get slab pricing from them. Before your first visit, it will ease your search to get an estimate of our price groups from the fabricator you want to work with. (Group 1 is the least expensive and Premium, or group 7, is the most expensive.)

It’s ok to visit if you don’t have that information. We’ll send the names of stone you like, with dimensions, to them after so you can get a bid.

High quality.  Large selection.  Excellent service.