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Granite Imports is a locally owned and operated natural and engineered stone distributor.

Established in 2001 Granite Imports is a premier stone distributor with over 7000 slabs in stock to choose from. We specialize in hand selected stones from around the world. Whether you are considering a remodel or new construction and looking for kitchen counter tops, a bathroom vanity top, a shower surround, a bar top, a fireplace surround or what ever application you may have in mind to enhance and personalize your own living space you will surely find it at Granite Imports.

Upon browsing our vast selection you are sure to find unique and exclusive natural materials you will not find anywhere else.

This is due to our long time, established, personal relationships with many unique and exclusive quarries from around the world. One common mistake or assumption most people make is to believe all natural stone is more or less the same! This could not be further from the truth. There is a substantial difference even from from one importer to the next.

The fact is Granite Imports is not a national chain so our materials are not diluted by having branches nation wide. How does this benefit you? The reality is there is only so much top quality material to go around. So for the companies that have branches all over the US it's only logical they are not all going to receive the first quality selections! That's why at Granite Imports you know ALL the material coming into our main location in Denver is nothing but the highest quality and best selection available! When a company has to order hundreds of containers for all their nationwide stores they are inevitably going to receive the good, the bad and the ugly in order to supply all there chain stores.

Only the best top quality materials.

This is not the case at Granite Imports. With only 3 stores in Colorado you will find nothing but top quality materials! With that said we are also honest with people and will let you know if there are any natural characteristics you should be aware of in any of our natural materials. This is one thing we do not shy away from, there are certainly natural cracks, fissures, pits, etc in natural stone, this is what makes it natural and unique. This is not typically a problem just a matter of being educated and having the proper expectations when selecting a natural stone that comes from the earth!

To ensure an extra level of quality the owner of Granite Imports personally travels internationally every 6 to 8 weeks to hand select the vast majority of slabs that flow through Granite Imports and find there way into you home to create a unique, one of a kind personal statement that you have imagined.

Granite Imports
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Denver, CO 80223

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P. 303.733.1444
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1301 S. Platte River Drive
Denver, CO 80223


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