Create a Show Stopping Centerpiece: Book-Matching Natural Stone

Looking for a stunning centerpiece? Book-matched natural stone slabs deliver. Achieved by merging two adjoining slabs in a book-like fashion, symmetrically matching patterns and veining so that slabs mirror one another, though industry-insiders are well aware of this technique, sadly, many end customers remain ignorant of its eye-catching potential. Best displayed in large open areas such as kitchen and dining room feature walls and shower and fireplace surrounds, book-matched slabs look like abstract art, showcasing patterns, shapes, and imagery for a riveting effect.

How is Book-Matching Done?

When slabs of stone are cut, similar to the way a loaf of bread is sliced, they are typically laid flat for polishing, then bundled together in the same order. However, when slabs are book-matched, instead of polishing the same side of each slab, the slabs are butterflied and alternated for polishing on opposite sides. (The first slab polished on the front, the next polished on the back.) Thus, when placed next to one another, they open like a book, creating a mirror image design much like the open wings of a butterfly. In some instances, slabs can also be quad-matched or diamond-matched, merging four adjoining slabs to create a symmetrical ‘X’ or diamond shape.

Can Any Stone Be Book-Matched?

While most stones can be book-matched, not all are ideal candidates. Talk to your natural stone supplier or fabricator for help identifying slabs that achieve optimal book-matching results, which typically include a few variants of granite and marble. For top book-matching results, slabs should be only of the finest quality and purchased in sequential order for close veining alignment. Uniformly patterned stones will not suffice. The best stones for book-matching feature strong veining, swirls, streaks, and waves, which when book-matched, highlight the naturally occurring beauty of the stone.

Top Book-Matching Applications Include…

Book-matched stones should be showcased in large spaces, shining center stage in applications such as…

  • Feature walls
  • Full-height backsplashes
  • Kitchen islands
  • Open-plan showers and baths
  • Fireplace surrounds

Book-Matching Cost

Due to layout restrictions and subsequent waste, book-matching is often more expensive. There is typically only one layout option, and consulting an experienced fabricator prior top purchasing and installing a book-matched slab for your installation is strongly recommended. On the plus side, any off-cuts are easily used for other projects or areas in the room, such as backsplashes, seats, and table/vanity tops.

Searching for a stunning slab for use in a book-matched centerpiece? Gain inspiration for your next project or get the help you need identifying prime candidates for top book-matching results from the experts at your area Granite Imports today.

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