Onyx Slabs

Indulge in the Rare Beauty of Onyx Slabs

One of the most exotic natural stones on the market, onyx slabs deliver a unique look. Unlike any other stone, onyx offers translucence. Paired with a backlit design, slabs literally shine, adding a special touch that engenders jaw-dropping stares. Its coveted good looks, however, are not suitable for all applications

Unique Properties

Formed in caves as stalactites and stalagmites drip to form the precious stone, onyx is not as easily extracted as other slabs. Unlike the hardness of granite, onyx is fragile, and quarried in smaller slabs out of necessity from a variety of regions, including Afghanistan, China, Ecuador, Guatemala, Iran, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Tanzania, Turkey, and more locally from Mexico and Arizona.

Strikingly Dramatic

Every single piece of onyx is unique, its beauty made all the more vivid when backlighting is used to illuminate the slab. Unique patterns and veining turn each piece into a work of art. Variety abounds, with hues ranging from light to dark, neutral to pastels. Overall, onyx is the material of choice for those yearning to make an impact.

Application Sensitive

Onyx makes a dramatic backlit backsplash or bar top, and striking natural wall or tabletop art. It is occasionally used as a bath or kitchen countertop, but is best used in applications that will not experience a great deal of abuse. Fiberglass mesh backing is necessary to hold the stone together, indicating its fragility. Calcium-based, acid containing foods can etch the surface of the stone, which can also easily become marked by knives, pots and pans. Regular sealing is a must. If used in high-traffic areas, expect periodic refinishing.

Anything but Common

Onyx surfaces require attentive care. Those looking for easy maintenance, or families with children should consider an onyx purchase carefully. Though it is safe to wipe down onyx with a soft sponge and warm soapy water, spills on onyx must be quickly mopped up and sealing maintenance regimens closely followed to safeguard the lifespan of this stunning stone.

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