Limestone Slabs

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Limestone Slabs

Are Soft, Smooth Limestone Slabs Right for Your Home?

The clean, classical look of limestone has been admired for thousands of years, from Egypt’s pyramids to ancient Rome and beyond. The lasting beauty of limestone slabs remains popular today, the natural stone’s neutral color spectrum comfortably blending in with a variety of architectural and decorative styles.

Where Does Limestone Get Its Velvety Surface & Looks?

A close cousin to marble and travertine, limestone is a sedimentary rock. Comprised of calcium carbonate, including the sedimentary particles of ocean-dwelling shellfish and coral, limestone is quarried from sources across America and worldwide. Indiana limestone, also referred to as ‘Bedford’ or ‘Salem’ limestone, is among the most renowned for its quality in the U.S.

An Understated Look with Surprising Features

Limestone, unlike its travertine and marble cousins, is highly consistent from slab to slab. Commonly found in soft, earthy colors ranging from creamy white to beige and pink, more exotic options can sometimes be found in darker brown, gray and black shades. But among its most distinguishing features: Fossils and seashells are often found embedded in the stone’s surface, providing an intimate look into the past and appealing to homeowners for its surprising, yet understated flair when used in kitchen and bathroom countertops, tub, shower and fireplace surrounds.

How Quality Effects Durability & Maintenance

The stone gets it silky surface from its makeup and porosity, thus when it comes to selecting a slab, choosing wisely is key, particularly when it comes to kitchen counters. Premium stones with a harder, denser composition will hold up better over time, resisting stains and wear-and-tear in a way that softer, lower quality pieces cannot.

Caring for Luxurious Limestone

Whether honed to a matte finish or polished to a dull shine, limestone is best sealed for protection against stains and spills, and prompt cleanup recommended. Like its marble and travertine family, added protection against acidic foods, drinks, and chemicals that can etch the beautiful stone’s surface are highly recommended, as are limestone-approved cleaning products. As history attests, the stone can withstand eons of abuse - provided proper care.

Create a classic look that will endure for a lifetime. Shop limestone slabs in-store or online from your Colorado dealer in premium natural stone. Visit Granite Imports today.


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