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Granite Slabs for Exquisite Granite Countertop Design

Great looking granite countertops starts with quality granite. To ensure exceptional results on every project, Granite Imports Denver offers a wide selection of granite slabs through fabricators in Colorado, as well as surrounding states. Our inventory, featuring over 300,000 square feet of stone, ranging from popular color patterns to rare and exotic slabs, is constantly evolving as our quarrying partners discover new stone. 

Stunning looks in a durable package

Formed from quartz, feldspars, and other minerals, granite slabs offer time-tested strength, heat resistance, and easy maintenance. Impervious to water, granite countertops require only the quick, 15-minute re-application of penetrating sealer every few years for performance and looks that will last a lifetime – indoors and out.

Quality materials

Granite quality can vary drastically between wholesalers, who individually determine the level into which their slabs are graded due to lack of industry standards. This makes purchasing granite slabs from a trustworthy source essential in protecting the investment in granite countertops. Unlike granite slabs through small dealers or liquidators, who are unable to source consistently large amounts of high-quality stone, Granite Imports Denver carries only premium grade granite, free of excess soft minerals that effect durability in lower grades of stone. Our industry experts look closely at the origin, mineral content, color, veins, thickness, markings, and pitting of each granite slab, ensuring quality before affording them the exclusive Granite Imports “premium grade granite” approval.

A trusted source

Granite Imports Denver deals exclusively in premium stone, providing only the best granite slabs to area fabricators to ensure exceptional granite countertop results. Our decades of experience as an importer and wholesaler have allowed us to form the strategic partnerships necessary to bring high-quality, hand-selected, granite slabs to building and remodeling construction from quarries worldwide. Our website even offers real-time inventory updates, ensuring the availability of necessary materials for a job well done.

Ready to add granite countertops to your home? Perusing online is a great place to start, but photos simply don’t do justice to our unique and beautiful granite slabs. Experience the Granite Imports difference. Compare the latest in hand-selected, imperfection-free, premium granite materials. Homeowners and builders are welcome to visit any of our Grand Junction, Denver, or Fort Collins showrooms to select their stone, but must purchase material through a granite fabricator.

High Quality Slabs

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