Our free online design tool can help you put all your ideas in motion.  

Deciding which granite looks best in your kitchen or bathroom can be a challenge.  Deciding which cabinets, backsplash and paint colors go best with your granite countertops can become overwhelming for most people.   Hiring a professional designer is not always in a remodel or new construction budget.  Despite the numerous paint swatches and all the samples that can be collected to help you put your dream design together, it is not always easy to picture how it will all come together.  

One of the most common experiences we see at Granite Imports are our customers struggling to visualize if the stone they are selecting will “look good” in their kitchen.  

It is also very difficult to look at a full slab of granite or marble and know how it will look once it is cut and installed into counter tops.  Whether it is your kitchen where you spend endless hours making meals and memories with your family or a bathroom designed for a relaxing retreat from our hectic lives, we want you to fall in love with your creation!  

Our design tool comes with two different virtual kitchens and a master bathroom.  In no time you can select your flooring, cabinet finish, cabinet style, paint color, backsplash and color of appliance that goes perfectly with your granite slab.

In addition to our user-friendly design tool, our experienced staff is always available to walk you through your granite selection at your pace.

Whether it’s a small kitchen or bathroom remodel, or you are building the home in which you will retire, we understand the stress and frustrations that come with a construction project, and we hope this design tool helps you in your decision making process. 

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