Why Retailers Are Turning to Natural Stone

Natural Stone: Design Ideas

Forward-thinking designers in the retail industry are embracing natural stone. Putting natural stone slabs front and center, they are using the sensory appeal and grounding presence of natural stone to engage today's easily distracted shoppers, drawing them into the here and now of the brick and mortar retail environment.


Attention Grabber

Incorporating natural stone into architecture, along interior walls, and as part of displays, high-end retailers are using natural stone to create a multi-sensory experience. A weapon in the war to win over online shoppers, drawing them in to brick and mortar locations, these natural stone additions are anything but utilitarian. The impressive retail displays engage the sensory perceptions of consumers, enriching the shopping experience with the stunning use of natural stone.


Amazing Examples of Natural Stone Slabs in Retail Displays


  • Tiffany & Co.'s Blue Box Café emphasizes everyday luxury in their new Home & Accessories collection, which is showcased amidst elegant Amazonite quartzite, dazzling its customers with its striking interior design.
  • Celine’s showcases the French brand’s luxury apparel and accessories in Miami’s Design District. Using Brazilian Pinta Verde marble to stunning effect on the floors, walls, ceilings, and exterior, the gorgeous hues provide an ethereal backdrop. 
  • Nashville's Draper James, launched by Reese Witherspoon in Nashville, incorporates natural stone in a design scheme reminiscent of "the modern southern woman's home" in efforts to inspire a feeling of community and encourage mingling. Its marble countertop island welcomes customers with stools surrounding the perimeter, topped with pitchers of sweet tea, inviting guests to sit back and relax. A mindful design decision, the décor encourages customers to remain within, which often translates to increased in-store sales.

Taking the Shopping Experience to a Higher Level

Though retailers still have an uphill climb when it comes to encouraging more shoppers to make their way back into brick and mortar stores, natural stone slabs have real weight, metaphorically and literally. Imparting a feel of permanence and air of luxury, natural stone is a proven way to engage customers in a multi-sensory shopping experience, bringing brands to life and boosting the bottom line of retailers.


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