White Quartz Countertops in the Healthcare Environment: Are They as Clean as They Look?

How clean would those white quartz countertops at your local doctor’s office or hospital be if you took a closer look under the microscope? Infection control issues are a top concern in the healthcare industry, and it turns out countertop choice plays a huge role. Hospital acquired (nosocomial) infections cost the industry billions annually, with lives lost daily due to the spread of infection. However the use of solid surface countertop surfaces, such as quartz, can eliminate a major site of cross contamination when cleaned and maintained according to CDC guidelines.


White Quartz Countertops in the Healthcare EnvironmentWhen washing hands or instruments, bacteria from the cleansing process are deposited on surfaces surrounding the sink. Low quality, porous substrates such as laminate worsen the issue, especially aged varieties, which more readily absorb moisture over time, playing host to dangerous bacteria and mold. Compounding the problem: Seams surrounding the sink, and surfaces constantly moist, running into the backsplash where another seam resides. As the surfaces and caulk surrounding these areas deteriorates, water penetrates, creating an ideal substrate for the growth of bacteria and mold. Acceptance of the issues surrounding wear are typically the norm, increasing the potential of cross contamination in the race to eek every last bit of usefulness from countertops.

The long-lasting solution

Solid surface countertops eliminate these issues, offering a more hygienic, non-porous substrate devoid of the seams and caulking found in laminate, tile and wood. With solid surfaces such as quartz, open seams are replaced with impermeable, hygienic joints. When paired with integrated sinks to create a continuous surface without rims, caulk, or seams, and covered backsplashes that protect significant portions of drywall, bacteria and mold growth can be prevented.

A worthy investment

Great for every area from high-traffic entryways to operating rooms, quartz solid surface countertops offer cost savings in a variety of ways…

  • Preventing the high-cost of infections.

  • Shrugging off impacts, nicks, and cuts.

  • Protecting walls from mold and bacteria growth when used alongside a solid surface backsplash.

  • Lasting far longer than laminate and lesser quality, “bargain” options.

  • Offering easier care and less maintenance, particularly in designs with integrated sinks.

  • Providing a renewable, repairable, and reusable surface – repair it on-site, and even remove and re-use slabs post-renovation or relocation, adding more material as needed.

  • Extensive warranties guarantee materials against damage for years.

Looking for better bacteria control in your office or home? It just so happens those white quartz countertops are as clean as they look. Step-up your design with the help of Granite Imports today.