What’s the Difference Between Quartz and Quartzite?

QuartzRising in popularity, quartz and quartzite are similarly named, but distinctive in composition. Each uniquely appealing, uncovering the key differences between these two materials can help you decide which offers the ideal countertop solution for you.


Derived from quartz-rich sandstone, naturally formed quartzite is quarried and extracted from the earth and formed into finished slabs for countertops and tiles. Quartz slabs, on the other hand, are comprised of about 90-95% raw, ground quartz, which is then mixed with a 5-10% combination of resins, polymers and pigments to be formed into slabs under intense pressure and heat to create a super-hard, non-porous, solid surface countertop.

Color Variations

The surface of natural quartzite slabs commonly showcase swirling white and grey coloring, an extremely popular choice among today’s homeowners for kitchen design. However rarer color varieties in shades of golds, browns, blues, greens, and even shades of red can also be found. Manmade quartz slabs, on the contrary, can be created in every color of the rainbow, from bold solids to lookalikes of other natural surfaces ranging from marble to concrete and even quartzite doppelgangers!


Like granite, quartzite counters are hard and durable, and capable of withstanding heat. They also require periodic sealing. Quartz slabs, however, are not as heat resistant, and cannot tolerate temperatures over 300 degrees F, but require no sealing, and are easy to care for and sanitize. Safe for both commercial kitchen and healthcare environments, quartz surfaces can be kept up to 99.9% bacteria-free.


The cost of both quartz and quartzite slabs are on par granite, marble, and other higher end stone countertop options. So if you’re looking to price as a tiebreaker in choosing between the two materials, you’ll have to look elsewhere to determine a winner.

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