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What Your Granite Fabricator is Really Thinking

Granite Counters in Denver HomesRenovating your kitchen or bath can be an exciting, albeit stressful time for you and your granite fabricator. Working with you and spending a good portion of time in your home for weeks or months, your contractor will get to know you intimately – the good and the bad.

How Can You Keep Your Relationship with the Fabricators Healthy, Happy & Productive?

Pros have revealed that homeowners often unwittingly create home renovation snafus that can lead to lagging timelines and unexpected results. Here’s the skinny on what contractors say you can do (for them) to ensure a smooth, timely renovation:

  1. Be honest about your real budget.
    You may want the Ferrari of kitchens, but be on a BMW budget (or maybe Buick). Be open about this up front. Being vague can lead to last minute renovation derailments. Honesty will help your contractor figure out what they actually can accomplish within that range, such as compromising on cabinets for show stopping countertops.
  2. Be specific about what you want.
    Very loose ideas leave a lot open for interpretation. This situation is frustrating for contractors, and can lead to undesirable results which require reworking, adding time and cost to your renovation. Poor planning is the #1 reason jobs run over budget and over schedule.
  3. Go to a designer first.
    Fabricators are not designers. They don’t know what ‘works’ or what’s ‘in.’ A designer can help you beautifully realize your design on-budget, so you can present this list of desired materials when getting to ensure the right materials and job completion within budget.
  4. Make timely choices.
    Homeowners stressing over tile, countertop, and cabinet selections often drag their feet, not realizing ordering and shipping items takes time, and their stalling is resulting in delays. Select everything in advance, and the job will be completed twice as fast.
  5. Time properly.
    Don’t try and squeeze a renovation in before family comes to visit. Rushing work can lead to sacrifices in quality.
  6. Understand your fabricator wants to get the job done as fast as you do.
    Contractors want your job to go smoothly and quickly (they make more money the less time a project takes). Great work can be done efficiently with proper planning.

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