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What Floats Your Boat? 7 Popular Bathroom Styles

Revamping your bath, but unsure of the design direction you want to go in? We’ve got you covered, with these 7 popular bathroom styles…

Modern Farmhouse
Farmhouse Bathroom by Kelly and Co. Design

Sparse, with minimal accessories, modern farmhouse bathrooms are hugely popular right now. Far from cheesy western-inspired décor, modern farmhouse baths typically feature simple, sturdily constructed, no-nonsense additions, including repurposed furniture, reclaimed and wood, and distressed or patinated accessories with a vintage feel.


With clean lines and minimal, if any adornments, true contemporary baths minimize clutter with careful storage additions to preserve a sleek, refined feel. Instead of architectural adornments, modern baths favor the latest, materials, finishes and tech, maintaining simple lines and turning to contrast to add drama.

Traditional Bathroom by Diane Durocher Interiors
The classic look of traditional bathrooms never goes out of style, infusing rich detail and character from ornate wooden cabinetry to elegant Calacatta or Carrara marble countertops and mosaic tile. Classic, soft whites and blues predominate this style, enhanced by brown, gray, and black neutrals. Curves are queen. Avoid modern, rectangular sinks and sleek fixtures, which feel out of place in this genre. Opt instead for curvaceous, antique-inspired lighting, such as sconces, and cabinets with character, including carved faces, rounded legs and ornate knobs, surrounding your bath with plenty of molding and millwork for added detail.

Beach Style Bathroom by Austin Patterson Disston Architects

Calm and relaxing, beachy baths imbue the feel of a coastal getaway with watery, sandy colors and durable accessories with a beachy vibe. Tile and natural stone countertops with an undulating feel in muted blues and greens and unpolished finishes make for an ideal fit, dressed-up with seascape-inspired artwork and simple found-beach objects transformed into art such as such as driftwood, seashell, and sea glass inspired accents. A word of caution, however: Use care when selecting accent pieces to avoid venturing into the realm of ‘nautical tacky.’

Eclectic Bathroom by Hudson Place Realty

If your design style is more outside-the-box, or you like to constantly update your bathroom look, an eclectic bath may be right for you. Mixing styles, eras, textures, patterns, colors, old and new, the eclectic style is anything but boring or traditional. To avoid an overwhelming look, start with a classic base, then go wild with accessories, personalizing to your unique taste.

Asian Bathroom by James Patrick Walters
Centered on natural materials, abundant wood, and soft lighting, Asian-inspired baths provide a spa-like retreat, bringing nature indoors with a wide array of natural stone, hand-built wood, and greenery. Simple, clean lines and predominantly neutral tones prevent an overwhelming feel, complemented by just a few fiery accents with the intense energy of orange or red. Natural light such as added windows are skylights are an ideal feature here, alongside candles and a dimmer switch for calming appeal. A separate bath space, when possible, preserves the spa-like feel, and water features (faucets, spigots) with a trickling sound add authentic flair.

Mediterranean Bathroom by Cassidy Hughes Interior Design & Styling
The bright colors and intricate patterns of Mediterranean inspired baths infuse a feeling of happiness and health. An eclectic mix of elements developed over the centuries, this bath style centers on saturated natural colors, including turquoise, ocean blue, terra-cotta, rusty reds, yellows, paired with a white tub/shower, sink, and accessories. Handmade tiles offer authentic flair, albeit at a price. A feature wall or accent strip can help you get ‘the look’ and stay on budget, however, and pairs wonderfully with simple white natural stone tiles. Add Moroccan inspired murals and archways for an exotic feel, paired with curved mirrors and ornate lanterns and vase lamps for lighting.

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