white quartz slab

What Does a Green Quartz Countertop Look Like?

Green quartz countertops comes in all different shapes, sizes, patterns, and shades – so many it may not be so easy choosing from the dizzying array of quartz colors. Mother Earth-friendly quartz slabs are hard, durable – and just may be the last countertop you ever purchase…

Use and Reuse – That’s as Green as it Getsgreen quartz countertops

Strong and resilient, engineered quartz kitchen countertops are extremely resistant to stains, scratching, and scorching, the non-porous surface of the slab fending off liquids with ease, and providing an environment so smooth mold, mildew, bacteria and other pathogens cannot gain a foothold. Should you ever redesign your kitchen, simply reinstall it in its new location, repurpose it to another room, or donate it for use and reuse again and again.

Waste Not, Want Not

Because quartz does not involve quarrying, but recycles materials that would have otherwise been wasted from glass and mining industries. Grinding hard quartz to a fine dust, and binding it with a very small percentage of resins and colors, there is very little waste in the manufacturing and fabrication process that creates some of the most beautifully diverse, long-lived countertops on the market.

Greenguard Certified

Quartz countertops meet rigorous indoor air quality safety standards, emitting very low VOCs. Approved even for use in the food and medical industry, its bacteria-resistant surface never needs sealing and maintenance.

A Sustainable Choice

In today’s market, where safe, efficient, eco-friendly products rule, it pays to invest in quartz. From looks to longevity, appeal, and resale value, if you want to go green, installing quartz countertops is a verdant investment.

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