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What Color Schemes Reign Supreme in Master Bath Renovations?

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Renovating your master bath and unsure about your design direction? Look to today’s top color choices to find your way to winning renovation results.


Today’s Most Popular Master Bath Renovation Design Schemes

The 2017 Houzz Trends Bathroom Study points to these popular bathroom selections….

  • Bathroom Walls
    Neutrals colors are still preferred on bathroom walls. Gray remains the top choice among 35% of renovators, with warm hues or ‘greige’ leading the trend for the year. Classic white also remains popular, gracing the walls of 19% of renovated baths, with beige rounding off the top three at 18%.
  • Cabinets
    White was the most common cabinetry color choice among renovated master baths, finding its way into 38% of homes. Other leading contender include gray cabinets (14%), and medium wood-toned hues (13%).
  • Bathroom Countertops
    Classic white bathroom countertops come out on top again, with 40% of homeowners selecting the time-tested hue, while 19% opted for more interesting, multi-hued countertops such as limestone, travertine and quartzite countertops, alongside easy-care engineered quartz styles mimicking stone and wood.
  • Floors
    Like wall colors, neutral floors are remain popular. The single most popular color for floors today? Gray, chosen by 31% of renovators, with beige taking the next slot at 18%.
  • Bathroom Tiles
    Sixty-three percent of those renovating a master bath chose ceramic or porcelain tiles. Natural stone was the second most popular, with marble, travertine, and slate leading as natural stone tile favorites.
  • Shower Walls & Floors
    The same materials renovators chose for bathroom tiles and floors were likewise popular for shower walls and floors, proving homeowners are looking to continuity in their master bathroom redesigns.

Prefer More Flair?

Just because neutrals are popular doesn’t mean you can’t create a bath design that tastefully touts your craving for color or drama. Today’s natural stone and engineered quartz countertop contenders come in a veritable rainbow of colors, patterns, and styles sure to elevate your master bath redesign.
Learn how to add a show stopping countertop or shower wall centerpiece here http://graniteimports.net/blog/granite-and-quartz-slabs-rock-color-right/), or

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