stone slab

What are the Typical Uses for Sandstone Slabs?

4189_Dove_GreyAs the demand of sandstone slabs magnifies, curious consumers are taking notice. What’s the story on sandstone? And where might you find it popping-up in your neighborhood?

Beauty Begins with a Grain of Sand

A naturally forming sedimentary rock, sandstone gets its namesake from the sand-sized minerals of quartz and/or feldspar it’s comprised of, bound over time by silica or lime. A huge cache of sandstone is found in India, but that’s not its only source. Sandstone makes up 15% of stone produced in the U.S., third in line after limestone and granite production. Quarried in 16 states including Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Ohio and New York, this natural stone can be locally sourced.


Stunning Looks

Beautifully swirling or marbled, sandstone slabs bearing rich tones of beige, brown, gray, pink, and red, are both popular and striking. Polished or honed and cut into a variety of sizes, the makeup of sandstone prevent it from achieving the slick shine of granite – the surface of sandstone slabs instead holds a more elegant sheen.


Sandstone Uses

Easy to work with and weather-hardy, sandstone is used extensively in architecture, from tiles and slabs to bricks and pavers. Where might you see sandstone in your neighborhood?

  • As a lasting, reliable exterior to homes and buildings.
  • Decorative pillars, balustrades, fountains, sculptures, monuments and tombstones.
  • Underfoot – from roads to driveways, walkways, pool surrounds, and garden paths – due to its ability to withstand heavy traffic.
  • Adorning kitchen and bath countertops, as well as home floors and walls (tiles).
  • As a stunning surround for fireplaces.
  • Showcasing its unique beauty in bookends, paperweights, and clocks.

Might Sandstone Be a Good Fit for My Kitchen or Bath?

Gaining a foothold in the countertop market due to its unique looks, sandstone is among the most beautiful countertops available. However the stone is very porous, requiring a bit more diligence than other natural countertops options. Sandstone countertops must be regularly sealed and carefully maintained in the interim with timely attention to spills. Homeowners who have installed them, however, will tell you they’re well worth the upkeep for their stunning visual impact.

Curious about sandstone? Internet images are great, but they don’t compare to an in-person perusal of the richness of color and striking good looks of sandstone slabs. Get up-close and personal with the latest countertop contenders at your area Granite Imports showroom today.