limestone slabs

What are the Typical Uses for a Limestone Slab?

limestone slabsLong-lived and well-loved, limestone slabs are as prevalent in use today as they were in ancient times. From Egypt’s pyramids to ancient Rome, dating as far back as 14,000 BCE, this resilient and resourceful stone has serviced the needs of a multitude of cultures and industries.

History In-the-Making

Formed at the bottom of the sea from the pressurized sediment of ocean dwellers like shellfish and coral, or when water-containing particles of calcium carbonate evaporate to form solids, the chemical composition of limestone provides a diverse range of uses. It is used in the manufacture of glass, cement, mortar and concrete, iron and steel, and even sugar refining. It makes paper brighter, helps clean drinking water and treat sewage, neutralizes acid rain in in water bodies and soil, and fizzes away acid stomach. But among its most revered uses are architectural, providing time-tested design from building structures and lasting flooring and hard surfaces to the roadways that lead to them.


Amazing in Function & Beauty

The luxurious feel and classic look of limestone are matched only by its longevity. In shades of white, beige, gray, yellow and brown, its porous surface is not as carefree as quartz. However if you’re the type to invest time in keeping the items in your home nice, you may be the perfect candidate for limestone countertops, tile and flooring. The stone’s buff shades and fossilized remnants create a classic look that begs to be touched, and the stone doesn’t disappoint. As the pyramid’s attest, it has the ability to withstand many years of abuse…

  • As a counter
    Limestone ranges in porosity. Countertop options that are dense offer added stain protection, combined with the right high quality sealer, maintenance can be minimized and protection amplified. While the stone must be protected from long-term exposure to acidic foods, common stains like wine and beet juice are easily-removed with oxygenated bleach, which will not react chemically with the stone.
  • As a flooring surface
    An ideal flooring option, limestone tile comes in a myriad of finishes, from honed to leather. Regular sealing offers added protection and makes cleaning a breeze with a sweep and simple neutral soap and water solution for the quick removal of dust and dirt.


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