Want Looks that Last? Granite Countertops Deliver Incredible Longevity

Natural Stone: Granite

Looking for a countertop option that will last as long as it took Mother Nature to create it? A granite countertop might be your solution.  The same stone portions of Egypt’s pyramids are composed of, granite is renowned for such timeless beauty. Could this stone, known for its ability to weather millennia of abuse, be the right choice for your kitchen?

A Lesson in Perpetuity

Granite reigns supreme when it comes to durability. An extremely hard, 100% natural stone, indoors or out, the stout surface of granite can take a beating. Unlike engineered quartz, whose resin-infused composition render it incompatible with outdoor use, granite was naturally made to survive the elements. Its surface qualifies as impervious to water, making the stone popular for use in high-rise construction due to its ability to withstand gale-force winds and rain. Highly scratch-resistant, granite will not show wear from daily use, and will retain its shine for years to come. Resealed annually (a process which takes mere minutes) it is stain and water-resistant. Low-maintenance, it is easily cleaned with a simple soap and water solution, its resilient surface easily withstanding the heat of pots and pans and bearing temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit without damage.

Limitless Value

The time-tested popularity of granite makes it a wise long-term countertop investment, whether you’re selling your home or staying long-term. Compared to the cost of other popular premium stone countertops, granite is competitively priced, offering unmatched value for its elegance and longevity. How long can granite countertops last? The stone is capable of outlasting you – and your home!

An Enduring Beauty

Available in an array of colors and patterns due to the many variables of the stone’s formation, whether you’re looking for a more subtle countertop companion or a striking slab as a centerpiece for your kitchen design, there are nearly limitless options in the granite genre. No two granite slabs are the same, their natural swirls and gorgeous veining impossible to replicate, even with today’s advanced technology, making in-person perusal and selection key to stunning kitchen design results. 

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