Quartz countertops

Tired of Your Décor? Leading Interior Design Trends for 2018

Quartz countertops

Décor in your home feeling a bit dated? Treat yourself and your home to a makeover with 2018s latest design trends. From bright and splashy color palettes to mixed metal additions, we’ve got the insider’s scoop on the design trends that are topping magazine covers and popularity charts nationwide.


What’s Hot?

  • Deep, Bold Colors

    Dramatic and rich, jewel tones are reigning supreme this year. Joining Pantone’s color of the year, Ultra Violet, shades of peacock teal, burnt orange and deep purple are adorning walls. Paired with dark or black trim, perfect for accenting unique room features, the combination makes for a stunning look. Shades to savor:

  • Mixed Metallics
    Mixed metals have gone from a ‘no-go’ to ‘the way to go,’ from faucets and light fixtures to décor. Take advantage of the look, layering metals throughout your home, incorporating sleek chrome faucets, hammered copper lighting fixtures, and stainless steel appliances. Be on the lookout for unique fare including matte and satin black, the latest on the market, alongside brushed nickel and unlacquered brass finishes. To avoid the industrial feel of some selections, pair metals with natural stone counters and flooring, such as timeless marble and limestone slabs.

  • Quartz Countertops
    Busy households on the hunt for easy-care surfaces are fast becoming fans of engineered quartz countertops. With options from colorful solids to those that rival natural stone countertops in looks, quartz is an ideal fit, providing a non-porous, easy-care, durable surface with no need for sealing.

  • Light & Local Wood Floors
    Red-toned and exotic woods are taking a backseat to lighter-toned, locally available options such as pine, maple, and hickory. These lighter shades hide imperfections easily and brighten interior spaces. Still prefer dark floors? Follow your heart, just be sure to pair them with light walls and trim for contrast.

  • Large Format Tile
    Taking the place of stale subway tiles, larger format tiles and even slab-sized sheets of natural stone are adorning bath, shower and kitchen walls and floors, using less grout, and offering easier maintenance than tinier tile types.

  • Concrete
    Concrete is now featured in far more than driveways and floors, adorning fireplaces, tub and shower spaces, it pairs well both traditional, contemporary and eclectic design motifs.

  • Sustainable Selections
    Americans continue to gravitate toward earth-friendly, sustainable, natural items, as well as wood and furniture with a history, including reclaimed and repurposed items. A ‘less is more’ décor motto continues to permeate, with a move toward more minimalist furnishings.


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