Quartz Counters

Thinking About Installing Quartz Countertops?

installing quartz countertopsThinking about installing quartz countertops? There are a great deal of advantages to this increasingly popular manufactured stone. Now a leading countertop contender, this swanky stone is popping up nationwide. Here’s why Americans are singing its accolades…

Great Bang for the Buck

When it comes to durability, longevity, and ease-of-care, quartz slabs truly deliver, matching the long lifespan of rival granite. Ditching the overly-flecked looks of yesteryear, quartz now offers more colors and patterns than ever before – including those that mimic the natural impressions of high-end marble, soapstone, and exotic granite for a fraction of the cost.

Squeaky Clean

Unlike other slabs, this engineered stone surface isn’t porous, giving it superior stain and damage resistance, even with juice, wine, tomato products, coffee, oil, and other sources of stains. Its smooth surface also imparts it with anti-bacterial properties, making it an ideal solution for bar tops, kitchen countertops and bathroom counters – and it provides these benefits with no need for sealing whatsoever!

Easy Care

Regularly care for your quartz counter with only a clean, damp cloth, addressing dried food and grease stains with a mild dishwashing detergent solution and cool water rinse. Avoid harsh acidic, basic, and abrasive cleaners that may dull the finish. Thinking of installing quartz slabs in your food service or medical business? The nonporous surface of quartz is ideal for these germ-prone environments when cleaned according to CDC guidelines.

Quartz CountersEco-Friendly

Greenguard certified, quartz is very low VOC, and comprised of recycled quarry materials with a very small amount (less than 10%) of resins and colors. Consisting predominately of one of the hardest minerals on earth, slabs last and last, with the ability to re-use in your home again and again or recycle for repurposing in a new location.

Ready to make the next step towards installing quartz countertops in your kitchen or bath? Uncover the wide array of colors, patterns, finishes and edging options at your area Granite Imports today.