Quartz Slabs

Thickness of Quartz Countertops: What’s Too Thin?

When selecting the thickness of quartz countertops, is thicker better? Or does thin win? Industry standards seem to vary based on application – and fabricator preference. A major deciding factor for pricing, installation method, and resistance to breakage, it pays to get the skinny on quartz thickness…

Rule of Thumb

As a general guideline, industry standards typically point to a thickness of 3cm for granite, marble, and quartz kitchen countertops and bar tops, with bathroom counters coming in at a slimmer 2cm. In the real world, however, thickness varies for a multitude of reasons.


Fat Chance

According to industry insiders, thicker 3cm quartz slabs, though slightly higher in price, deliver a better long-term value than thinner varieties in durability and installation ease. Stronger and less prone to breakage in transport and installation, slabs 2cm and thinner may require plywood decking and hidden or decorative supports for added strength and durability, especially in applications with an overhang such as bars and eat-in kitchens. In addition, thicker, solid edge profiles without seams contribute to a higher countertop value and improved wear in high-utility areas. The look of these thicker slabs also gives a stronger presence to countertop colors and patterns as the focal point of the design.


Lean and Mean

Skinnier slabs, on the flipside, offer a sleeker look, but may require support in some applications. Some ultra-thin 1-1.2cm slabs, however, may feature their own built-in “proprietary” reinforcement to prevent breakage.  Thinner slabs may be preferred by some contractors in specialized applications such as fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, bath, shower, and wall coverings, as well as on floors.

High Reputation

Some fabricators, based on personal preference, will only work with a certain thickness of slab, as based on personal experience, they find that particular size easier to work with.  If thickness is paramount to your kitchen, bar, or bath design, consider this when selecting an installation professional.


Not sure how thick you should lay it on? Discuss your options with a professional fabricator, and get an up-close and personal look at the thickness of quartz countertops at your local Granite Imports showroom, perusing a variety of natural stone slabs in 2cm and 3cm sizes. Visit us today.