quartz surfaces

The Changing Landscape of Quartz Surfaces

quartz surfacesA far cry from their flecked ancestors, today’s quartz surfaces are a study in mimicry. Each year as new colors and designs are created, consumers are becoming increasingly enamored with this resilient stone. Just what exactly has homeowners and professional designers taking notice?

Stiff Competition

An increasingly popular choice for countertops and tub surrounds, quartz is giving rivals like granite and marble a nod, attempting to match them in style and durability. Hard and resilient, the stain and scratch resistant qualities of quartz, alongside its rapidly evolving looks, are pushing it to the head of the pack. Manufacturers are trying – and succeeding – in matching quartz in an array of lookalike finishes from classic Calacatta marble to undulating slate patterns, buttery limestone, terrazzo and even concrete lookalikes, creating a dynamic duo of natural looks and manmade durability.


A Carefree Companion

Nonporous in composition, engineered quartz slabs are resistant not only to stains and scratching, but odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Created from 90-95% quartz, one of the hardest minerals on earth, slabs equal granite in their easy-care nature, but have no need for sealing. It is this durable, low-maintenance character that makes quartz an ever-popular choice for homeowners in love with classic white design schemes.

Amazing Advancements

As quartz manufacturers continue to strive for advancements in color, depth, pattern and movement as well as technical properties, designers and homeowners are likewise pushing the envelope. Taking the engineered stone far beyond everyday countertop use, quartz is now being employed in everything from backsplashes and shower walls to fireplace surrounds, flooring, and even wall art courtesy of its stellar flexibility and durability. As technology progresses and its surfacing options continue to expand, this beautiful and affordable countertop option is certain to continue rising in popularity.

Want the look, without the maintenance? From tried-and-true whites to today’s popular warm grey hues, shop the latest in quartz countertop options at your area Granite Imports showroom today.