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Take the Plunge: Quartz Countertops with Waterfall Edges

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Waterfall countertops hit the design scene several years ago, and have rapidly gained momentum nationwide, putting them center-stage in today’s most dramatic remodels. Integrated into your kitchen design using quartz countertops, they offer a functional, show-stopping centerpiece capable of withstanding the rigors of even the busiest household.

What is a Waterfall Edge?

Rather than a countertop surface that ends at the edge of the kitchen cabinet, a countertop with a waterfall edge continues vertically to the floor, the countertop surface wrapping the top and side(s) of the cabinet. The seamless continuity of this look makes a dramatic kitchen statement. And durable, easy-care quartz slabs offer the protection waterfall countertop surfaces need, above and below, providing resistance against spills, stains, scuffs, and scratches. Man Made, quartz slabs also offer the added advantage of consistent looks throughout, from color and tone to pattern/veining and movement, ensuring a look exactly like you saw in the showroom.


Not Just for Islands

Waterfall edges are commonly used in islands in open floor plan designs as a multifaceted focal point. However there are many other ways to successfully integrate a waterfall edge into your kitchen design. Where can you add a waterfall edge?

  • Peninsulas
    Adding a waterfall edge to a peninsula is not only beautiful, but provides necessary scratch/scuff protection for peninsular ends. Need added seating? A countertop overhang here makes the addition easy.

  • Cabinets
    A waterfall edge atop cabinets anywhere in the kitchen is a great way to add visual interest or a pop of color.

  • Tables
    Make a table with a waterfall edge, extending the upper countertop 4-feet beyond the cabinet to create a table. Incorporate transparent seating to prevent detracting from the design.

  • Baths
    Waterfall edging is not just for kitchens. A waterfall edge in the bath provides a smooth transition, and luxurious, spa-like feel.


Will a Waterfall Edge Work in My Kitchen or Bath?

Waterfall edges are amazing, but do have some drawbacks. Though they are more durable and easy to clean than cabinets, adding this stunning focal point does cost more in added materials and installation. In addition, waterfall edges can make outlet additions, which some municipalities require by code, challenging. Unless you opt for solid color countertops such as black or white, outlets can detract from the aesthetics of the design. In this case, look to pop-up outlets atop the counter, hiding outlets behind a false drawer front, or installing outlets within drawers/cabinets for an attractive, yet functional solution.


Ready to take the plunge into waterfall edges? Shop the wide selection of quartz counters at your area Granite Imports showroom today.