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Quartz Surfacing: Can You Repair Quartz Countertops?

Quartz Surfacing: How to Repair Quartz Countertops

Quartz surfacing is designed for a beating – but it’s not indestructible. Extreme wear-and-tear and kitchen accidents can occasionally result in chipped stone. In the rare event this occurs, you should be able to fix it without replacing the entire quartz slab. How will you choose to repair your quartz countertops? Continue reading

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Tips for selecting Quartz Surfaces

quartz surfacesQuartz surfaces offer an ideal solution for germ-prone kitchens and baths. Capable of being kept 99.9% bacteria-free due to the non-porous nature of this manufactured stone, it’s no surprise why quartz is rising rapidly in popularity among homeowners. The manmade origins of the stone make it available in such a wide variety of options, however, selecting amongst the styles on the shelves of your area distributor can easily become a stressful experience. Before you head out the door to shop for quartz, it’s best to anticipate making these slab selections…. Continue reading

White Out: Fade into Confidence & Sophistication with White Quartz Counters in Denver

Macintosh HD:Users:newuser:Dropbox:WSI:Clients:Granite Imports:Granite Imports Shared Folder:Photos:Polarstone - Insalls:Arrebescato Corchia 5137:Arrebescato Corchia - Kitchen island.jpgAfraid white quartz counters in Denver might be boring? Sterile? Think again. White is all the rage, particularly all-white design motifs. Blasting away boring stereotypes from days of yore, today’s all-white kitchen, bathroom, and laundry designs offer purity, cleanliness, confidence and sophistication from traditional to modern design schemes. Continue reading