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Backlighting Onyx: Avoid Design Flaws with Key Insight


PHOTO CREDIT: https://www.houzz.com/

The unique properties of onyx imbue it with unique potential: The mesmerizing patterns of this already stunning stone can be backlit, achieving unparalleled design effects – provided proper fabrication. Go DIY or try to cut corners with a more budget-friendly, unversed fabricator, however, and it could turn your investment into this rare and stunning stone into a stunningly expensive mistake.

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Countertop Spotlight: Shedding Light on Naturally Luminescent Onyx Slab


The popularity of onyx has experienced a resurgence in recent years, with designers and homeowners rediscovering the amazing effects that can be accomplished with this already striking natural stone.  Amazing colors, strong veining, and unique translucent properties, perfect for achieving show-stopping back lighting effects, have made this stone the marker for bold, imaginative designs. For those seeking its inclusion within their homes, however, care is warranted. Continue reading