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engineered quartz slabs

Engineered Quartz Slabs as Flooring

Engineered quartz slabs, manmade rather than quarried from a mine, have become a popular stone countertop option due to their easy care, stain resistance, and lasting durability. Available in nearly every color imaginable, including patterns mimicking natural stone, the stone is increasingly popping up in new applications, among them, flooring.

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Countertop Spotlight: Shedding Light on Naturally Luminescent Onyx Slab


The popularity of onyx has experienced a resurgence in recent years, with designers and homeowners rediscovering the amazing effects that can be accomplished with this already striking natural stone.  Amazing colors, strong veining, and unique translucent properties, perfect for achieving show-stopping back lighting effects, have made this stone the marker for bold, imaginative designs. For those seeking its inclusion within their homes, however, care is warranted. Continue reading

Natural versus Solid Surface Countertops: Which is Best?

The kitchen countertop world has changed a lot since the days of faded laminate, with both natural and manmade solid surface countertops taking over the market. In this new world of such varied selection, picking a suitable lifetime companion can be tricky. How can you uncover the countertop solution that is right for your home or business? Continue reading