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10 Perfect Granite Countertop & Cabinet Pairings for Your Kitchen Design

It’s not uncommon for homeowners beginning a kitchen remodel to experience a bit of creative block when it comes to choosing a cabinet and natural stone countertop combo for their upcoming kitchen renovation. If you need help finding the perfect pairing to complement your kitchen design, you’ve come to the right place…

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Want Looks that Last? Granite Countertops Deliver Incredible Longevity

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Looking for a natural stone countertop option that will last as long as it took Mother Nature to create it? The same stone portions of Egypt’s pyramids are composed of, granite is renowned for such timeless beauty. Could this stone, known for its ability to weather a millennia of abuse, be the right choice for your kitchen? Continue reading

How Technology Has Made Granite Accessible To Everyone

At Granite Imports we have great ongoing relationships with granite fabricators far and wide from our three convenient locations. With some 6,000 granite slabs on hand, and many other products as well, you and your chosen fabricator can usually find the exact granite slabs which will prove to be perfect for your kitchen and/or bathroom design Continue reading

Granite Imports Cautions Homeowners about the Initial Beauty of Color-Enhanced Granite

A growing trend within the kitchen design industry, and something every homeowner should be aware of when selecting granite slabs, is color-enhanced granite. Many homeowners prefer the immediate results of color-enhanced granite because it makes granite look darker and richer than it naturally would be. However, color-enhancing granite and other stone slabs is widely untested and builders are unaware of the potential consequences of the entire process over time. Continue reading

Kitchen Spaces Get an Upgrade in Technology with Okite Quartz from Granite Imports, Inc

Denver-based stone specialists Granite Imports, Inc. is now offering one of the most durable quartz countertop surfaces for kitchen and bathroom renovation applications on the market today. Five times stronger than granite, Okite Quartz is utilized in residential and commercial applications across Denver, Colorado Springs and Boulder, where property owners require a surface that supports high-level resistance to scratching and maximum ease-of maintenance. Continue reading