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bathroom remodeling

3 Things You Need to Know Before Beginning a Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel

A little knowledge can really help homeowners over the long haul of the renovation process. Unfortunately, most don’t realize how little they know until they’re ankle deep in demolition debris. Just what are you overlooking when it comes to your upcoming bathroom remodel?

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Granite Countertops

Boring Bath? Check Out these Natural Stone Shower Trends


Natrual Stone ShowerBoring, utilitarian bathrooms are thankfully a thing of the past. After all, the bath is a place everyone goes to relax, refresh, or simply indulge in a little ‘alone time.’ After years of purely practical design, however, many homeowners find themselves stumped when facing a bathroom redesign. Luckily, we have some tips for getting past the standard hardware store bath accouterments. Continue reading

Granite Slabs Offer a Multitude of Uses for Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces are a rapidly-growing trend, topping the must-have list for new and existing homeowners alike. Extending living space to offer multi-season respite, function, and privacy, outdoor living spaces are a boon for those aching to take advantage of as much time as possible in the great outdoors. Among the most sought-after features for these spaces are granite slabs, whose impressive features not only offer high-end looks, but the strength, durability, stain and scratch resistance, and weather resilience necessary to withstand Mother Nature. Granite Slabs

How many ways can you use granite slabs in your outdoor living space?

  • Food prep
    Located next to your grill or as a standalone island, granite countertops make the perfect food prep area. Pair granite countertops in Denver with a granite composite sink for a durable dynamic duo that’s sure to last, and clean up fast.

  • Buffet and serving
    Granite slabs set up as a buffet or serving area make the perfect location for staging prepared foods, drinks, and dinnerware for entertaining.

  • Dining
    A granite slab on a built-in stone base offers the perfect dining area for any outdoor event, from round patio tables to farmhouse and picnic style designs.

  • Seating
    Granite slabs offer durable outdoor seating, whether topped with plush cushions for comfort, or left bare for waterproof, post-pool or spa play.

  • Bars
    Granite countertops make for impressive and highly-functional bars.

  • Spa and poolside features and décor
    One of the hardest natural stones, eco-friendly granite tiles and slabs are often sought-after by pool designers for their ability to hold a shine, repel water, and provide looks that last, granite’s visually compelling natural patterns offering both function and ambiance. (PHOTO http://www.luxurypools.com/blog/8-types-natural-stone-decking-pools)

A kaleidoscope of color
The natural beauty of granite slabs offer a wide array of colors, perfect for matching the décor in any outdoor living space from flowers to furniture. For looks that last, opt for mid-range colors to avoid heat buildup and patterns with less veining to avoid reactions to epoxies and fillers in heavily veined patterns which may react to UV rays.

Ease of use
Easier to maintain than its countertop competitors, cleaning granite countertops in Denver is a breeze. Simply hose-off or wipe with water and a mild detergent prior to use. Covering them with a pergola, awning, or umbrella further reduces these simple cleaning needs, as well as reduces heat buildup.

Ready to find a fabulously functional accent for your outdoor living space? Shop premium granite slabs at your area Denver, Fort Collins, or Grand Junction area Granite Imports showroom today.

All Granite Slabs are Not Equal

Whether you come to see us in Denver, Grand Junction, or Fort Collins, when you visit Granite Imports you’ll be viewing granite slabs that come from all over the world. And while two granite slabs that may seem similar in appearance, they could have two different grades. A common question we get asked is what determines quality? Continue reading

Stop By Granite Imports for Our Winter Blowout on Select Granite Slabs and More!

With summer right around the corner, our staff at Granite Imports is clearing out with our Winter Blowout Clearance Sale featuring a variety of slabs at 50% off.  As a leading granite importer and supplier in Colorado with locations in Denver, Fort Collins and Grand Junction, our impressive supply of granite slabs and other natural stones gives you plenty to choose from when deciding on the perfect granite countertop design for the summertime. Continue reading

Choosing the Best Colors for Your Granite Slabs

Granite SinkThe time and effort that you put into choosing the perfect granite slabs for your home means you definitely want to choose the right colors. These countertops have the potential to last a lifetime and knowing how to properly choose the best ones for your design is an important process. Our experts at Granite Imports have compiled the following list of the five most popular granite colors and how to best utilize them to get the best results in your home. Continue reading

Granite Imports Supply Granite Slabs for Kitchen Remodeling of 25-Year-Old Columbine Country Club Townhome

Denver, Colorado – October 30, 2014 – Colorado-based granite distributor Granite Imports recently supplied the granite slabs for the kitchen remodeling of a 25-year-old home located in the Columbine Country Club neighborhood. Using two slabs of Venetian Gold and two additional slabs of Baltic Brown, a unique horseshoe shape design was employed by utilizing some of the 25-year-old granite that was still present in the kitchen. The commitment of Granite Imports to working closely with the homeowners and fabricators lead to a final product that met everyone’s expectations.  Continue reading

Verde Fuoco Granite Slabs from Australia Now Exclusively Available from Granite Imports Inc.

There are thousands of different granite slabs from thousands of quarries around the world and usually certain colors like black or black and tan can be found in every granite warehouse and big box store in Colorado and across the US. However, if your tastes lean more to uniqueness in home treatments like granite countertops, don’t bother with big box stores or wholesale to the public warehouses – they likely all buy from the very same broker. Continue reading