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10 Perfect Granite Countertop & Cabinet Pairings for Your Kitchen Design

It’s not uncommon for homeowners beginning a kitchen remodel to experience a bit of creative block when it comes to choosing a cabinet and natural stone countertop combo for their upcoming kitchen renovation. If you need help finding the perfect pairing to complement your kitchen design, you’ve come to the right place…

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All Granite Slabs are Not Equal

Whether you come to see us in Denver, Grand Junction, or Fort Collins, when you visit Granite Imports you’ll be viewing granite slabs that come from all over the world. And while two granite slabs that may seem similar in appearance, they could have two different grades. A common question we get asked is what determines quality? Continue reading

Granite Imports Explores Why Undermount Sinks Have Unique Design Elements That Work Well with Granite Slab Counters

Denver, Colorado – Colorado-based granite distribution company Granite Imports is exploring why the unique design elements of undermount sinks work well with granite slab counters. Choosing the right sink to complement your counters can be a tough decision, but the variety of choices that undermount sinks provide will ensure that you can achieve the countertop remodel that you desire. Continue reading