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Kitchen Island Seating Options for a More Functional Space

Quartz Counters

Adding a new kitchen island in your upcoming renovation, or in the process of revamping your existing one? It’s easy to look to form over function. Unfortunately, that lack in function could make you and your family crazy, especially after a time consuming, costly renovation. Before you update your kitchen or island, carefully consider which seating arrangements meet your daily dining needs.

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Light-Toned Denver Granite Kitchen Countertops from Granite Imports

Giving your home the feel of more space can be quite simple with a bit of thought and the use of light tones. Our team at Granite Imports recently helped a homeowner remodel the granite kitchen countertops in their small kitchen to give it a larger feel using various design techniques. Many people design their small kitchens without considering these design techniques and end up inadvertently giving their kitchen a claustrophobic feel. Continue reading

What Are the Pros and Cons of Tile vs. Slab in a Granite Kitchen Countertops Remodel?

For homeowners looking to start remodeling their granite kitchen countertops, it’s important to understand the differences and similarities between using granite tiles and granite slabs. Although they may seem similar at first glance, they differ in many unique ways that can be used to change the aesthetic appeal of your home. Our experts at Granite Imports take a look at some of these differences below to help you in your decision making process. Continue reading

What Are the Steps to a Successful Kitchen Remodel?

Planning out your kitchen remodel for your granite kitchen countertops is a great way to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. With the variety of finishes and granite combinations available, failing to plan properly can lead to a more expensive project that may not end up the way you desire. At Granite Imports, our experienced staff are always available to help fabricators and homeowners work together to create a successful project. Here are a few considerations to help you prepare for the process: Continue reading

Granite Imports General Manager Appointed As VP of Government Relations for National Kitchen & Bath Association

Denver, CO – Granite Imports has announced that their general manager, Tracy Rivera, was recently appointed to the board of the National Kitchen & Bath Association as the Vice-President of Government Relations. When federal and state legislation concerning the kitchen and bath industry occur, the kitchen and bath industry, with its fabricators, cabinet makers, designers and other suppliers as members, need to be aware of which laws will affect their industry and their business. As VP, Rivera’s key responsibility will be communicating such governmental activities to association members. Continue reading

Granite Imports Sees Demand for Granite Kitchen Countertops Rise More Than 20% Over Same Period Last Year

Denver, CO – Granite Imports has increased their inventory more than 20% this year over last year stocking up to 3,500 more slabs of granite and quartzite to fabricators for kitchen remodels and new home construction. The increase is due in part to a booming construction industry in Colorado and surrounding states, but also that home owners and fabricators are becoming more sophisticated about what quality granite is and the difference between what a big box store or small granite wholesaler stocks and what importers like Granite Imports provide. Continue reading

The Rebounding Denver Construction Industry – What It Means For Granite Product Availability

Denver’s spike in residential and commercial construction permits is testament to the region’s resurrected construction industry. For many companies in the construction industry, 2013 was the beginning of black ink on the books again. Many good contractors and product suppliers did not make it for many reasons, economic upheaval not withstanding. However, according to industry experts, 2014 is expected to eclipse 2013 with more construction projects, and a broadening diversity of products and services for those companies who were able to survive the last five years.

Only those positioned to survive survived.

Granite Imports survived because we did not owe a lot of money on our buildings or inventory; we had strong relationships with quarries who were willing to work with us on consignment; and most importantly, we have loyal customers who, instead of sourcing the cheapest granite for countertops, stayed the course of demanding exceptional granite products in their construction projects. Now, as demand grows, Granite Imports is growing our inventory.If you’re new construction or remodeling involves granite countertops, we have restocked our basic materials such as Santa Cecilia, Venetian Wave and Uba Tuba; and we have also replenished our stock of some of our more popular Brazilian materials like Carnival, Cianitus (polished and leathered), Golden Taupe and Snow Flakes! In our latest travels to Brazil, also found two new unique quartzites: the Picaso and PerlaVenata.

Granite Imports has received more than 45 containers of material in the last month – that’s over 1400 slabs of new stock from which to choose for a granite counter in your kitchen, bath or commercial common area.

Premium Materials

Though a vast array of materials are available in the market that you can choose for your kitchen countertops, it is better to go for a material that you can be sure will provide instant success at installation as well as long-term durability. This is the difference between big box stores/granite liquidators and Granite Imports – the customers who buy our stone materials experience a noticeable difference in quality.

Whether you prefer Santa Cecilia, Uba Tuba, or Venetian Wave for your construction project, Granite Imports has the most diversified options in its material inventory to help you make the best choice for your granite counters.

Innovative Designs and Patterns

Another popular trend that has made granite kitchen countertops even more valuable and attractive is the availability of patterned material. Having unique design elements, these materials not only catch the viewers’ attention, but also enhance the overall look of the room. You might want to closely observe these patterned granite samples as they can become a means to fill your kitchen with a design that is truly unique.

Redefining Aesthetic Taste

Choosing the right color, pattern, or texture for your granite counter may not be something you can do on your own. So research your option before finalizing a choice. You may even want to discuss your needs, challenges, and budget with Granite Imports industry experts, who have an average of 15 years of experience in the granite industry.

Innovative Designs and Patterns Granite Counters

Since its inception in 2001, Granite Imports has been a resource for quality, unique, functional, and lasting granite counters in Denver.