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Kitchen Renovation? What TV Shows Don’t Tell You about Demo Day

After binge-watching your favorite home renovation series, you can’t wait for demo day to smash it, trash it and make way for your beautiful new cabinets and natural stone countertops. Unfortunately, there’s a lot these shows leave to ‘creative editing.’  And what you don’t know about the behind-the-scenes aspects of demo day can hurt you – and your home.

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10 Perfect Granite Countertop & Cabinet Pairings for Your Kitchen Design

It’s not uncommon for homeowners beginning a kitchen remodel to experience a bit of creative block when it comes to choosing a cabinet and natural stone countertop combo for their upcoming kitchen renovation. If you need help finding the perfect pairing to complement your kitchen design, you’ve come to the right place…

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8 Ways to Go Glam in the Kitchen

Glamorous décor is all about adding drama – creating an elegant feel that instantly makes you think ‘expensive.’ Yet achieving that luxe look doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you’re going for urban glamour, Old Hollywood, or a more modern, unique glam style, here are 8 easy ways to add a more glamorous feel to your kitchen space without a blockbuster budget… Continue reading

Maintaining Outdoor Granite Counter Tops in Denver is Easy!

Sun, rain, snow and hail. High temperatures, low temperatures and everything in between. Is having a granite countertop in your Denver outdoor kitchen really a good idea? Absolutely! A high quality, granite countertop, in an outdoor, Denver kitchen will last indefinitely with a little, simple maintenance. Continue reading

Tackling the Triangle: Where to Begin On Granite Kitchen Countertop Remodels

Granite CountertopsGood kitchen design is the foundation of every successful kitchen renovation. Whether your goal is a minor facelift or total gut, to ensure top return on your granite kitchen countertop investment and a space you’ll love for years to come, proper planning is key.

Where should you start?
For projects costing more than a few hundred dollars, a kitchen designer, such as those certified by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), is highly recommended. And happily, they’re less expensive than you think. The services of a kitchen designer are usually around only 4% of your total project budget. A bargain buy for those looking to ensure a stylish, valuable, functional, and satisfying outcome, these valuable virtuoso’s can prevent you from becoming a kitchen design horror story statistic.

What can a kitchen designer do that I can’t?
Kitchen designers have the expertise and experience to help you…

  • Set goals and timing for the remodel

  • Personalize the space to your taste

  • Budget and space plan

  • Sneak-in storage and work with difficult configurations

Designers in action
Certified Kitchen Designer Jan Neiges offers a “Day with Designer” services, taking clients to area showrooms to distinguish between choices from appliances and cabinetry to granite kitchen countertops, and tile. Skirting the typical box store fare most homeowners run to out of habit, Neiges frequents facilities such as Granite Imports, whose service and products offer customers the edge they need to produce stunning results. Her goal? To go beyond design services, guiding customers through the entire design process – to become a trusted advisor.

But it’s just picking out cabinetry and countertops – what could go wrong?
A lot. Renovating a kitchen involves careful planning including design and building knowledge. One of the most important investments you’ll make in your home, it’s not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants endeavor. Certified kitchen designers have expertise and access to planning tools and technology you do not, and will be able to answer and address issues such as:

  • Structure

    • Is the wall I want to open load bearing? If so, what is the workaround?

    • Can the current structure of my home support the weight of premium granite slabs? Or is additional support necessary for optimal installation?

    • Are all building code requirements being met?

  • Design

    • Will the colors I chose in-store store look the same in my home?

    • Will the style(s) chosen improve resale value and last the test of time?

    • How will the finishes of my appliances, sink, and fixtures uphold or detract from the overall kitchen design?

    • Do the individual components collectively flow, or are they competing to become overwhelming to the eye?

  • Functionality

    • Is my remodel meeting its goal? (Additional space, room from multiple cooks, family gatherings, etc.)

    • Are interior doors and walkways competing with appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers) for space?

    • Will the layout of my kitchen work for me, or will every dinner prep feel like a constant foot race due to poor kitchen work triangle design?

Are you giving the heart and soul of your home the TLC it deserves? Save money, time, and frustration. Handle it right the first time with the help of a certified kitchen designer and the Denver granite kitchen countertops authority. Experience the Granite Imports difference today.

Granite Countertops: Tips for Fix & Flips

Granite CountertopsTaking on your first fix and flip? To make the greatest return on your substantial investment, it’s going to take more than a coat of paint and a “for sale” sign. You need to create an incredible selling point for your property. Wondering where to start? The first places buyers look are kitchens and baths, making granite countertops a superior choice for flipping success.

Mass appeal
It’s essential to remember when dealing with fix and flips, YOU are not living here. While you might be lusting after the blue bahia granite slabs, this is not your home. To appeal to the greater majority of buyers whose taste may vary greatly from yours, you need to think “neutral” so they can think “move-in ready.”

Neutral does not have to mean boring
In creating a color design scheme for kitchens and baths, avoid a flat feel by offering variations in shade and pattern, from solid beiges to wood and natural stone. Then add splashes of color with accents that are more easily altered, like décor, tabletops, and granite tile backsplashes. Ensure each space has a light, medium, and dark shade for visual interest. There are many ways this can be successfully accomplished…

  • Dark cabinets, a light colored granite countertop, and a medium toned floor.

  • Light cabinets, dark granite kitchen countertops, medium floors.

  • Light cabinets, medium granite countertop, dark floors.

  • Medium cabinets, light granite kitchen countertops, dark floors.

Avoid these flipping flubs…

  • Small spaces
    While buyers may be able to move past a small bath, small kitchens can ruin you. Kitchens sell houses. Expand your space, and thus appeal and profits, by maximizing kitchen space – even if it means breaking out the sledge and reworking living space.

  • Outdated materials
    Some cabinet designs reek of yesteryear. If they can’t be refinished, spruce up lower or mid-grade cabinets with really nice granite countertops. And don’t skimp on essentials like backsplashes and tile. Avoid standard issue 4×4 squares, cheap laminates and linoleum. Don’t let your home ferment on the market. Step it up.

  • Light colored floors
    Light colored floors and large swathes of white grout send prospective buyers screaming – in the opposite direction. They aren’t going to stay that way – which you’ll be quick to discover during your renovation.

  • Old fixtures
    In kitchens – and especially baths – be certain to replace essential fixtures like toilets, faucets, vanities, and sinks. Think clean, bright, and modern. Remember the main selling point of bathrooms is the tub/shower, and update that ugly, mildew drenched wall tile accordingly. Neutral stone like travertine, limestone, and other natural stone offer an elegant pop.

Make your investment dollars count
Buyers can be very particular about wall paint colors and flooring, which are easier and more inexpensive to alter than cabinets and counters. They’ll often change them – even if newly installed. Focus your investment dollars wisely on kitchen and bathroom cabinets and countertops instead.

Does your flip have you flipping out? Find your way with the help of the friendly customer service professionals at your Grand Junction, Fort Collins or Denver Granite Imports. Find a great area granite countertop fabricator near you to successfully fix it, flip it, and go for it all over again.

Granite Countertops: The Name Game: How Are Granite Slabs Named?

Granite CountertopsFor anyone who has ever wondered where names like “Cinderella Blue Caressed,” “Golden Thunder” and “Sedna” were dreamed up, you’re not alone. Confounding customers and tripping up fabricators, naming the slabs that ultimately end up as granite countertops is far from a scientific, or even straight-forward process. Continue reading

What Creates the Color of a Granite Countertop in Denver?

Lasting good looks and an array of available colors and patterns make the granite countertop popular for a variety of projects. What creates the dazzling colors and effects in a piece of granite countertop in Denver? An array of rock forming minerals which have slowly crystallized and interlocked as molten rock from below the earth’s crust cools and surfaces. Continue reading

Granite Imports Launches Its YouTube Channel For Granite Countertops

graniteAs much as Granite Imports prides itself on our three area locations in DenverFort Collins and Grand Junction, and as much as we love blogging about all things granite, we have to keep up with the times. To that end, we have established the Granite Imports channel on YouTube.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to visit us, either by yourself, or with your chosen fabricator, our very first video is an introduction to Granite Imports for your next granite countertop purchase.

Join our knowledgeable Vice President of Operations, Tracy Lewis as she gives you a brief overview of why you should consider Granite Imports for your granite countertop purchase. We’ll bet you didn’t know that our owner was also our most avid buyer, cultivating numerous, personal relationships with granite quarries and slab processing factories around the globe, all in a constant effort to bring the best the world has to offer right back here to the Denver market.

That work ethic springing from the top works its way through every aspect of Granite Imports. If you are looking for something in granite slabs seldom seen elsewhere, or seeking that one color that speaks to your tastes, chances are you’ll find it in our constantly updated inventory of 6,000-7,000 slabs in about 300 distinct color variations.

And if you are looking for marble or travertine, we carry a selection of those materials too.

Most importantly, due to our mission, massive inventory, and friendly and knowledgeable staff, Granite Imports is your new construction and remodeling granite countertop dream factory. Come and see our showroom in person or view our online live inventory to get a sense of the universe of your possible choices. If you don’t even know where to start, you can also try out our interactive design studio, where you can be as wild as you dare without any commitment.

As Tracy Lewis said, chances are you’re only going to make granite choices once or twice in your lifetime, so go large with Granite Imports’ vast inventory and make your choice tell the tale of your style sensibilities.

No matter how limited or ambitious your granite centered project may be, we can give you a generalized walk through of the possibilities and a project timeline so you can realistically discuss your vision with your chosen fabricator.granite

So, subscribe to our YouTube channel and keep up with us at Granite Imports.