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Choosing the Best Granite Counter Tops for Your Home: Advice from Our Denver Experts

Browsing through the vast selection of our granite counter tops at Granite Imports can be as stressful as it is exciting. Without knowing what you want or what goes well with your home, the options can be dizzying and you can end up choosing something that isn’t best for the style you’re going for. Our Denver experts have put together some questions that you should ask yourself before you purchase a granite product for your home. Continue reading

Keep Your Granite Countertops in Shape With These Tips

Despite the common misperception held by homeowners that granite countertops are difficult to maintain, they are actually quite simple to care for. In the past granite required a bit more care and maintenance, but with the new granite sealers that have come on the market in the last few years countertops can be kept in shape by following a few simple guidelines. Continue reading

What Granite Finish is Right for the Granite Counter Tops in Your Kitchen Design?

Granite can vary in terms of its color, and quality, as well as texture, all of which are characteristics that are important in being satisfied with end product that could last you a lifetime. As a homeowner, ensuring that you are familiar with the various kinds of granite finishes can open your possibilities to the color of granite that you end up selecting. At Granite imports, we understand how texture can play a crucial role in determining what granite slab you select in your quest for the perfect granite counter tops. Here are the four main finishes that are most popular: Continue reading