Stunning Natural Stone Slab Custom Desks, Coffee, & End Tables: A Chip Off the Old Block

Topping off your newly renovated kitchen in stunning natural stone slab countertops? Before you haul off ‘waste remnants’ – read this! You could easily repurpose those leftover stone pieces for use as natural stone coffee and end tables, and repurpose larger stone remnants for desks.

Natural Stone Slabs  ‘On the Side’

Few homes house natural stone furnishings. Set your home apart with coffee and side tables for family members and guests that set the stage for an amazing evening.

Match Made in Heaven

travertine slab coffee table

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A matching coffee and end table set, such as these travertine beauties, are the perfect way to tie together any living space.

Rustic and Reclaimed.
The textured surface of this granite slab console table gives off a unique old world feel.

granite slab console

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Classic and Contemporary.
A longstanding favorite, marble slabs work well with both classic and modern décor in any room of the home.

marble slab coffee table

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Simply Striking.
Naturally luminescent onyx slabs make the perfect coffee table centerpiece. The addition of backlighting ramps up the effect.

Fabulous and Flexible.
Provided the right natural stone surface, end tables can make for a luxurious and lasting outdoor tabletop surface.

natrual stone slab end tables

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Natural Beauty
Indoors or out, custom-made sandstone slab tables and benches last a lifetime.

A World Apart from Traditional Office Furnishings

Whether a home or commercial office, study, or library, the luxurious looks of natural stone give a stunning first impression, boasting confidence with a mien that set furnishings apart from traditional wooden fare.

Earthy & Elegant
A touch of granite desks, coffee, and side tables adds sophistication.

Cool & Contemporary
This beige granite slab makes for stunning contemporary conference room table.

Dramatic and Distinctive.
Naturally luminescent onyx makes for a show-stopping desk when backlit.

honey onxy slab commercial counter

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Sleek and Simple.
Natural stone desk additions can be easily incorporated alongside any kitchen.

natural stone slab desk

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The luxurious looks of marble never go out of style, whether used in a more modern or classic design.

marble slab dining table

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Break off from the norm. Repurpose your natural stone countertop remnants, or create a stunning new design from a precisely chosen, new stone slab. Shop the amazing array of premium natural stone at your area Granite Imports showroom today.