quartz slabs in the shower

Squeaky Clean: Quartz Slabs in the Shower

quartz slabs in the shower
Ditch cleaning those gross grout lines, replacing the typical tile with stunning quartz slabs surrounding your shower or bath. Stain and scratch resistant, quartz offers an ideal surface for wet areas, providing a clean, modern look and a surface that is ideal for wet spaces.

Stunning, Seamless Design

With no grout lines and minimal seams, the many spectacular and unique patterns of quartz can greatly enhance the feeling of your home, providing sleek, nearly seamless design. Create a feature wall, surround your tub, line your shower, or top off vanities with a striking slab that protects and enhances your bathroom space, providing a barrier against moisture and daily wear-and-tear. The smooth, non-porous surface is extremely durable, offering the capability to create a focal point in your bath that is both beautiful and functional.


Endless Design Possibilities

Create storage recesses, in-set shelving, line window sills, and more with this versatile engineered stone. Comprised primarily of natural quartz and bound with a small amount of resins and pigments, you won’t believe the amazing color variations and patterns available to deck out your bath or shower space. Choose from solids, prints, and patterns in bold and bright colors, tranquil neutrals, slabs mimicking natural stone surfaces like marble and travertine, shimmering metallic flecked slabs and those reminiscent of gemstones. Polished, matte, and textures finishes allow for added design versatility, including flooring applications.



Forget endless grout and soap scum scouring. Simply wipe down the non-porous surface with soap and a damp cloth, or a non-scratch sponge and quartz-compatible cleaner, then rinse clean, enjoying your sparkling bath. Mold and mildew resistant, easy-care quartz never requires wax or sealing.


Low maintenance shower and bath surrounds can be a reality! Granite Imports offers varying thicknesses of quartz slabs for the convenient installation of vertical applications such as bathroom wall panels and shower recesses. Shop our amazing selection in-store or online today!