Granite Imports White Quartz Countertops

Selecting a White Quartz Slab

With a reputation for durability and superior stain resistance, white quartz slabs are a top-choice among homeowners. However finding the perfect slab for your kitchen or bathroom counters will depend on a number of determining factors.


White is Not Whitewhite quartz slab

Today’s quartz options are anything but standard, with a variety of options ranging from solid whites in various hues of the shade, to patterned quartz slabs options resembling marble and limestone, and even white slabs with sparkle and gemstone-like surfaces. A variety of finishes further adds subtle nuance to your final design, with options from glossy and matte to honed and textured surfaces, as well as a wide assortment of edging options, with the highest quality quartz manufacturers offering the greatest variety.


Finding the Most Wonderful White

Your first step in selecting your quartz will be to identify the perfect slab color and pattern for your chosen design scheme. Best done in-person, a live walk-through of quartz inventory will go a lot farther than mere online perusing, helping you get a feel for the true color and scale of the design for each of your countertop contenders.

Details, Details

Once you find the perfect white pattern for your bathroom or kitchen counters, your job is far from done. Finish and edging will further alter the look of your quartz. Now is the time to get nit-picky about the true feel of the décor that will bring your kitchen to life. These seemingly minute decisions are, in fact, not so small at all, and will have a huge impact on the functionality of your counters.


Puzzling Out Your Picks

Classic polished finishes are easier to clean, while honed surfaces hide crumbs and fingerprints better. Looking for a more rustic feel? Textured options, such as “leathered” may be right up your alley. Edging detail also effect functionality, and surprising to some – safety. Rounded options work well with a variety of styles, but make removing debris difficult. Clean square-edged options are easier to maintain, however can cause injury on impact, leaving those with little ones looking elsewhere. Luckily, there are over a dozen options. To learn more, check out our edging guide. (LINK to last month’s “Quartz Countertop Slabs: What Are My Choices?)


Can’t find the white quartz slab you’re looking for? Let the experts at Granite Imports help guide you to the successful completion of your design. Visit your area Granite Imports today.