Ring in the New Year with a Glamorous Bath

Natural Stone: Design Ideas

2020 is has begun, bringing with it many resolutions. If you’re committed to being better to yourself and your partner in the coming year, there’s no better investment in your well-being and your home than ringing in the New Year with plans for a sumptuous bath to relax and unwind in.


Tips for Adding a Glamorous Touch to Your Bath Design


Plan Carefully

Falling victim to the latest flashy trend can quickly leave you with a dated look. For luxurious looks that last, it is essential to start with a classic foundation to ensure a relaxing space that exudes timeless extravagance.


Begin with an Elegant, Refined Palette

Soothing, relaxing, natural tones such as white-on-white, and muted neutrals such as grey, greige, beige, and subdued, earthy greens add subtle sophistication. Create a monotone background with these soothing shades, later pairing them with saturated or shimmering accents, such as matte black and brass fittings, hardware, and accents.


Create a Focal Point

Choose your main statement piece, taking care not to overwhelm the eyes with your design. This should be an oversized piece or one that catches the eye, such as a freestanding soaking tub or shower surround centerpiece of dramatically veined, bookmatched natural stone slabs. Highlight your feature by placing it beneath a window or in an alcove, or draw attention to it by placing a chandelier overhead.


Choose Classic Materials

Traditional options such as natural stone countertops, large tiles, and mosaics add richness and visual interest to your bathroom space.

Marble countertops and flooring are a natural choice in the bath, imbuing luxury.

Granite countertops, bath, and shower surrounds can also make a dramatic addition, particularly when incorporating patterns with rich tones or dramatic veining.

Soapstone counters and surfaces are another classic bathroom choice, imparting a velvety feel and soft elegance that ages beautifully with time.


Incorporate Traditional Features with a Modern Flair

Choosing furnishings and features with slimmer silhouettes, straight edges, and sleek legs lend a contemporary touch.


Imbue an Open, Airy Feel

Large windows, ample natural light, and a backdrop of unadorned walls add a feeling of airy openness.


Install a Freestanding Tub

A freestanding tub instills a feeling of opulence to even the simplest designs, creating an inviting centerpiece.


Go for the Fancy Faucets
Find a faucet design that fascinates you, including it as a statement piece. Do the same in your tub and shower with a floor mount tub filler, or thermostatic shower system with waterfall head and side rail.

Add a Touch of Sparkle & Shine

Finish your bathroom with brilliant brass, copper, or polished stainless steel faucets and fittings. The jewelry of your bathroom space, these accessories will twinkle against the backdrop of your backsplash, cabinetry, and tub and shower surround. Don’t be afraid to mix metals, as long as your selections work in harmony with your bathroom design.


Choose a Multifunctional Mirror

A large mirror, such as an artisan-crafted sculptural mirror, likewise shimmers, doubling as artwork when flanked with flattering single or double-light sconces.


Emphasize the Look with Metallic Accessories

Carry the theme of sparkling faucets and fitting, selecting accessories such as metallic wastebaskets, soap trays, jewelry containers, and décor.


Ring-in the New Year with a plan for a spa-like bath, adding a touch of indulgence to your life.   Gain inspiration for your bath design, shopping the expansive variety of premium stone slabs at your area Granite Imports today.

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