Quartzite Spotlight

Natural Stone: Natural Quartzite

Offering eye-catching beauty in a surprisingly durable package, quartzite gives countertop contenders granite and marble a run for the money. Why should you give quartzite a second look when shopping for stone? 

4 Reasons Quartzite Counters Shine

  1. Visually Striking Patterns
    A relative of sandstone, quartzite is a metamorphic rock formed under heat and pressure within the earth’s crust. Quartzite comes in a range of rich hues and eye-catching, magnificently streaked patterns ranging from white to black, including shades of brown, yellow, green and blue. Similar in looks to sandstone and marble, quartzite offers amazing tone and variety: Vein-cut slabs feature linear, contemporary streaks, while cross-cut slabs showcase more organic, diagonal lines.
  2. Heat Resistance
    Quartzite slabs can stand up to the heat of pots and pans as well as granite. (Keep in mind, however, trivet use is best to preserve the lifespan of any natural stone).
  3. Low Maintenance
    Like granite, quartzite only requires an annual sealing. The rest of the time, it is easily kept sparkling clean with a simple swipe of water and mild dish soap or cleanser. Though quartzite is tough to scratch, avoid abrasive cleaners to keep your counters looking brand new.   
  4. Unique Design
    Because quartzite is a natural stone, no two slabs are alike, ensuring a kitchen design as unique as your personality. Because looks vary from stone to stone, shopping for and selecting your countertops in-person is best to ensure a cohesive feel from slab to slab. 

Don’t Be Fooled by Misnomers

Quartzite is commonly confused with engineered quartz/quartz composite, a man-made countertop slab comprised of ground quartz, resins, and colors that bears its own unique attributes. 

Popular Quartzite Varieties:

Talk to a premium natural stone expert in your area about available varieties of quartzite stone, seeking hard, premium-quality stone slabs over softer, less costly, but more easily etched/scratched options. Doing so will ensure maximum lifespan and return-on-investment…

  • Taj Mahal
    Taj Mahal is a stunning neutral resembling Calcutta marble, but with a harder, more durable surface. 
  • La Dolce Vita
    The beige tones of La Dolce Vita feature moderate movement, and are extremely popular.
  • White Macaubas
    This elegant stone features a translucent white or gray background with darker gray or blue-toned veining. 

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