Pros Reveal Today’s Most Popular Kitchen Features

Are you missing the mark on your kitchen remodel? Get things on the right track and entice future buyers with these design tips from the pros, uncovering the most coveted kitchen additions…


What are Today’s Most Requested Kitchen Must-Haves?

In order of popularity, the features home remodelers and buyers can’t live without are:

  1. Kitchen Islands
    The most common requirement of remodeling clients, a kitchen island that does triple-duty as prep-space, extra storage, and seating is the dream. But not all kitchens are large enough to accommodate the fantasy, with work clearances of 42 inches for a single cook and 48 inches for a two-cook kitchen recommended. Thinking smaller and narrower, however, may offer alternative island solutions.
  2. Monster Sinks
    Anyone who’s ever had to fumble to clean larger pots and pans in a tiny sink understands the need for larger, single basin sink models. At least 98% of today’s remodeling clients are looking for a sink at least 30 to 33 inches wide and 9 inches deep.
  3. Room to Breathe
    With the kitchens of older homes designed for a single cook, most with a solitary prep space near the sink, today’s families often find themselves jockeying for space. Thus, larger areas with more than one prep space are preferred, as is often accomplished with a multifunctional peninsula or island. How much should you shoot for? Today, the National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends a continuous countertop a minimum of 36 inches wide and 24 inches deep next to the sink for a primary preparation/work area.
  4. Storage for ‘Stuff’
    Big box stores have brought to the table larger kitchen items and bulk purchase storage conundrums, leaving homeowners looking for ways to add additional, more functional kitchen storage. On the ‘want list:’ Dedicated walk-in pantry space, multifunctional sliding door storage, and user-friendly roll-out shelves to prevent digging for supplies.
  5. Eat-In Dining
    Most remodeling clients are looking for at least a small eat-in dining area. Sizing is usual determined by the existence (or lack) of a formal dining space.
  6. Organizational Opportunities
    Clutter-free countertops crown the list of must-haves for most newly remodeled kitchens. Here, taking the opportunity to donate hardly-used items post-remodel, paired with the addition of organizational add-ons like appliances garages, vertical utensil storage, pull-out spice and knife storage, roll-out shelves, dividers and organizers can open up new opportunities for keeping clutter contained.
  7. A Multi-Tasking Waste Center
    Most of today’s homeowners are looking for a dedicated kitchen space for trash and recycling containers – with a spot for composting waste an added bonus.


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