Premium Quartz Countertops: Discover What’s Possible

Rivaling granite and marble in popularity, quartz countertops are taking the nation by storm, with top kitchen designers in-print, on-screen, and online increasing the trend. With its nearly limitless design possibilities, renowned durability, and worry-free care, you just may have met your countertop nirvana.

Sleek and Versatile

Best-In-Class Quartz Countertops from Granite ImportsManufactured from 90-95% quartz, one of the hardest minerals on earth, and bound with tried and tested resins and colors, quartz delivers heat, scratch and stain resistance similar to granite countertops. Exacting slabs offer added opportunity for seamless design, as do the more uniform colors and consistent patterns of this engineered stone, allowing for improved camouflaging of seams.

Endless Variety

Quartz counters offer nearly unlimited counter choices, with new styles released regularly. Choose from popular natural shades to bold bright colors, solids or patterns, and even options that mimic concrete, marble, granite, and other natural stones. Exquisitely crafted and beautifully finished with a honed or polished surface, quartz slabs also offer a variety of edges similar to natural stone selections, providing nearly unlimited design possibilities: Kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bathroom vanities, shower walls, tub decks, partitions, walls flooring – nearly anything can be brought to life with quartz.

Easy Care

Non-porous in nature, quartz slabs never need sealing. Simply clean with soap and water, or manage more stubborn spills with a non-abrasive household cleanser and sponge. An excellent choice from kosher kitchens to hospital and hospitality settings, non-porous, solid surface quartz slabs naturally limit the potential for bacterial growth, and are NSF (National Public Health and Safety Organization) certified.

Green & Clean

Comprised of waste stone materials, quartz counters are less carbon-intensive in creation, with slabs manufactured within 500 miles of your project qualifying as LEED certified “regional material.” The second most-abundant mineral in the earth’s crust, quartz countertops release no gases or VOCs, providing a non-toxic, non-allergenic countertop solution that preserves the quality of any indoor environment. Its amazing durability reduces the need for replacement, allowing for re-use in a host of situations, fostering widespread acceptance on all ends of the consumer spectrum.

Premium Quality

Exclusively sourced from high-end quartz slab manufacturers and only installed via professional, independent fabricators, Granite Imports offers only the most beautiful and durable quartz countertops on the market, backed by an impressive warranty. The look you want is possible with the endless variety of quartz. Open the door to new possibilities with the industry professionals in stone. Contact Granite Imports today.