Natural Stone Backsplash Creates a Key Focal Point

Natural Stone: Design Ideas

Homeowners tend to get caught up in cabinetry and appliances when updating their kitchen design. They often overlook a key facet of kitchen design that can make a strong statement, the backsplash. Integrating a natural stone backsplash into your kitchen design delivers beauty and function, adding a touch of elegance above the kitchen sink or cooktop. 

Complement Your Kitchen Design with a Natural Stone Backsplash

A natural stone backsplash is an effortless way to enhance your kitchen design. The right backsplash and countertop combination will highlight your cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and décor, accenting your space with complementary colors, patterns, and finishes. The mixing and matching possibilities are limitless. 

Tips for Incorporating a Stunning Backsplash with Natural Stone

  • Choose a backsplash that balances your countertop selection.
    The biggest mistake people make in design is creating too many focal points. Mindful combinations are essential to avoid overwhelming the eye. Decide what feature you would like to shine, choosing a striking backsplash or a stunning countertop. Incorporate a subdued backsplash pattern with bold countertops with a lot of movement or visual interest. Alternatively, make a statement with your backsplash when pairing it with a more subdued natural stone countertop choice.

  • Use your backsplash as an extension of beautiful countertops.
    If you find a natural stone countertop you love, consider extending it up into the backsplash. Full height backsplashes made of stunning natural stones, such as beautifully veined marble countertops, provide a seamless look and make an elegant statement.    
  • Don’t overlook the use of natural stone slabs in backsplash design.
    While most think of natural stone tiles when pondering backsplash decisions, they tend to overlook the possibility of using full natural stone slabs. Some designers like to use bookmatched stone that matches countertops to achieve a smooth transition from surface to surface and create a streamlined look. A popular design choice here is bookmatched stone. Bookmatched slabs are a great way to tie a space together and add a dramatic focal point.  
  • Don’t neglect lighting.
    Good lighting will highlight your backsplash. Without it, your design could fall flat. 
  • Choose a backsplash that withstands heat, especially near the stove.
    Designers favor somthing like natural stone soapstone and granite slabs in these areas due to their heat resistance. However, any type of stone can be used as a backsplash so long as you care for it properly. 
  • Be mindful of hardware spacing.
    Consider the location of your plumbing carefully, so it doesn’t feel stuffed between the backsplash and the sink. 2-3cm stone typically works well; however, natural stone can be milled thinner to improve the fit. 
  • Ensure a refined look by choosing plug molds over outlets.
    These conceal outlets within the cabinet above, creating a seamless look that doesn't disrupt your backsplash design. They also make cleaning food splatters on the backsplash easier. 

Define your kitchen space with a stunning backsplash design. Shop the wide selection of natural stone tiles and countertops at your area Granite Imports today.

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