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Narrow Kitchen? 8 Redesign Remedies that Don’t Require Extra Space

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Kitchen shaped like a landing strip? Not every homeowner has the budget, ability, or the space to start knocking down walls like the lucky homeowners on HGTV reruns. Rest assured you’re not alone, and have more options than you may realize…

Create an Eye-Catching Kitchen Design in Even the Narrowest Space

  • Add a Striking Ceiling
    Cheerful and bright wallpaper designs, including colors such as sunny lemon yellow or cheerful sky blue, draw the eye up and create a feeling of space. Not a wallpaper fan? Paint the ceiling a solid shade and incorporate an eye-catching light fixture instead.

  • Feature Impressively Designed Floors
    Rather than adding flair to the ceiling, leave it light and white, putting a striking pattern on the floor with an artfully arranged, bold tile design or by adding flair with paint atop hardwood floors.

  • Don’t Shy Away from Color
    If bold patterns and designs aren’t your taste, add visual impact with color. Just because your space is small doesn’t mean you can’t go big in this arena, incorporating bright green apple, tropical turquoise, bold bright red, or other hues into your kitchen design.

  • Top-Off with a Natural Stone Showstopper
    One of the benefits of a smaller space is less material costs. This can open up the doors to small splurges that can make a big impact on kitchen design, such as striking natural stone countertops and backsplashes ranging from soapstone to marble, granite and engineered quartz.

  • Go Green
    If you don’t have a window in your galley kitchen, bring it to life with a shade-loving small tree or plant, even if it’s just a tiny hanging basket or corner-shelf addition.

  • Add Some Art
    Framed art is an easy way to add visual interest and make use of otherwise wasted wall space above cabinets.

  • Consider Outside-the-Box Storage Options
    Such as open shelves and narrow pot racks that still offer storage, yet increase the feeling of space in narrow kitchen spaces.

  • Eke-Out an Eat-In Area
    With the addition of a folding, Murphy-bed-style, wall-mounted tabletops and low-profile, foldable seating, it may still be possible to integrate a small eating area into a single-walled kitchen space.


Just because your kitchen is slim, doesn’t mean you have to narrow down your options. Explore the latest in kitchen design ideas at your area Granite Imports showroom today.