More than a Collection Bin: Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink

Arguably one of the most important choices in your kitchen, your sink selection will affect the function of the heart of your home for many years to come. More than a dumping ground for dirty dishes, your kitchen sink will be integral to daily life activities, from obvious tasks like cleaning dishes and prepping food, to caring for newborns and furry family members.

Narrowing Down Countless Configurations

To find a suitable sink for your lifestyle, it is essential to look beyond looks and price tag alone, taking a deeper trek into sink-worthy tasks. How you expect to use your sink should go hand-in-hand with your kitchen sink selection…

  • Large Basin Single Sink: Versatile Workhorse
    Large, single basin sinks let you easily soak and clean pots and pans and prep large quantities of food. If you love to soak or pile plates, however, do keep in mind items left in the sink can make utilizing it to rinse vegetables or wash additional dishes an exercise in juggling. Add-on accessories, however, like rinse baskets, easily address this issue.

kitchen sink

  • Two-Basin Asymmetrical: Flexible Friend
    Two-basin asymmetrical sinks, like 60/40 models, offer a large basin for cleaning, alongside a smaller one for rinsing/prepping. The smaller basin size of these sinks, however, can make it difficult to wash larger pans.
  • Two-Basin Symmetrical: Form & Function
    Symmetrical 50/50 models are great for homeowners yearning both for the flexibility of a double-sink and symmetry in design. A word of caution, however: Large pans could end up soaking on the counter.
  • Three Basin: Marvelous for Multi-Taskers
    Three-basin configurations typically have a small basin in the middle, housing a garbage disposal, flanked by two larger basins. This offers a lot of flexibility in use, allowing for simultaneous soaking and disposal access. It also keeps the garbage disposal away from food.

mmFinding a Style to Suit Your Décor

In addition to configurations, kitchen sinks also come in an array of different styles. Among today’s most-popular:

  • Farmhouse
    With a vintage vibe and an array of color choices, homeowners love farmhouse-style sinks. They feature a distinctive, exposed, apron front, typically of porcelain or ceramic, that can jut out from the countertop edge up to 4 inches, making them easier for shorter people and kids to access.
  • Double Farmhouse
    A double farmhouse offers the same benefits of other double sinks. Like the single farmhouse, it juts out from the countertop edge, however it does not retain the single’s vintage flair.
  • Rounded Sides
    Some homeowners find curved sinks easier to clean than those with squared edges. If you’re aiming for a sleek/minimalist design, however, look elsewhere.
  • Built-In Drainboard
    If you do a lot of hand washing or rinsing of fruits and veggies, a sink model with a built-in drainboard is extremely convenient – albeit at the cost of counter space.

mmmmmmmmmmmmA Myriad of Materials

Yet another decision in the sink selection process, sink composition is just as important as design, affecting ease-of-use and longevity…

  • Stainless
    Flexible and tough, stainless steel is easy to clean, however metal can scratch, and spotting can be a problem with hard water.
  • Porcelain
    A traditional favorite, porcelain offers vintage flair and nearly unlimited color choices, however its finish can chip and scuff, leaving black marks behind that are tough to remove.
  • Granite Composite
    Available in hues from light to dark, including mid-tones great for camouflaging food, granite composite sinks are constructed of granite particles and polymers for bonding. An increasingly popular sink choice, granite composite sinks resist scratches and chips well, and do not show water spots.mmmmmmmmmm
  • Natural Stone
    Natural stone sinks each retain the properties of the stone they are constructed from, with varying levels of stain-resistance. Some, such as engineered quartz slabs, are chosen to create a sleek, seamless kitchen look. Other, such as soapstone slabs, offer an authentic period look. Watch for proper cleaning procedures with natural stone, choosing accordingly to ensure a lasting investment.


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