Leathered Granite from Granite Imports: Adding Greater Dimension to Your Granite Countertops in Denver

One of the rising trends in kitchen and bathroom remodeling is using a leathered, textured granite for granite countertops. This is a great way to take the versatile staple of granite in kitchens and bathrooms and use turn it into something more unique and inventive. Our experts at Granite Imports have seen this technique many times and understand why it is becoming so popular. 

What Is Leathered Granite?

Leathered granite is achieved by brushing granite slabs with a diamond-tipped brush; this procedure gives the granite a leather-like appearance and more of a matte finish with less gloss and reflection. Furthermore, this treatment retains the natural color of the stone, which is contrary to the process of honing granite that inevitably washes the color out.


One of the benefits of using leathered granite for your granite countertops is its ability to tighten granite slab pores which will boost stain, scratch and bacterial resistance. Additionally, fingerprinting and water spots are less visible than they are on polished granite, and they are easy to maintain.

In terms of aesthetic qualities, leathering creates various texture depths that vary depending on the type and composition of the granite, giving each leathered slab a unique finish. These texture depths work best with darker granite slabs, which are the slabs of choice in the realm of leathering.

Is Leathered Granite for Me?

Leathered granite finishes are best for those that want something different than the glossy finish of traditional granite finishes. Leathered granite’s unique texture is matte and has a very distinct look that separates it from other types of granite finishes, although it still shows some characteristics of granite. Many designers prefer the leathered finish over the honed, saying it gives a more sophisticated look to the stone.

Our Selection

We have many different kinds of leathered granite slabs available at Granite Imports, giving you plenty of exciting, striking designs to choose from. Our selection ranges from darker granite for sophisticated, sleek designs to lighter tones for a more casual atmosphere. Some of our top sellers include the following:

  • Black Storm Leathered
  • Blue Fantasy Leathered
  • Astrus Leathered
  • Matrix Leathered
  • SEDNA Leathered 

If you’re considering integrating leathered granite into your granite countertops, our selection at Granite Imports is guaranteed to provide you with the choices needed to realize your vision. Our variety of tones and textures are suitable for all kinds of different themes and our experienced staff can walk you through the selection process to ensure that you choose the material that is best for your needs. For more information, give us a call at 303.733.1444 and we can help you take the next step.


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