Know Your Options For Purchasing Granite Countertops In Denver

Are you looking for the perfect granite kitchen countertops to compliment your home? Granite Imports has just what you need to add value to your house with a touch of natural vibrancy and energy at affordable prices.

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Successfully bringing premium-grade granite slabs, tile, kitchen sinks, as well as a variety of other stone materials to the Western United States since 2001, Granite Imports is a Denver-based granite importing business that has earned its reputation for its diverse range of durable, high-quality products and long-standing relationships with quarries all over the globe and granite fabricators all over Colorado. Granite Imports also offers granite fabricators nationwide over 300 variants of granite and other natural stones, as well as materials ranging from basic stock to rare, exotic materials.

Due to its unparalleled strength and durability, granite is the most desirable choice amongst builders and homeowners in Denver and the use of granite kitchen countertops is becoming increasingly popular in the Denver area. This article provides a short guide to selecting the optimal granite slabs in Denver for your kitchen countertop.

Granite countertops are crafted from all-natural, very beautiful, tough and highly-durable slabs and are extremely versatile; they are available in an array of styles and designs that can easily be blended with any type of room, irrespective of the colors of your cabinetry and decor. Furthermore, not only are they aesthetically appealing and dynamic, granite kitchen countertops can withstand various stains (acid/alkali) and bacteria when properly sealed and are highly heat-resistant as well.

They are the perfect option for any family with children; since sealed granite does not harbor bacteria, there is no need to worry about germs building up on the kitchen counters. Granite’s durability, however, remains one of its greatest qualities; it is one of the strongest surface materials available and will far outlast the home. It is also very easy to clean and polish; enabling it to maintain its smooth surface for a lifetime.

Material Choices

When shopping for countertops to complement your granite kitchen design, you must choose between two major categories; natural granite slabs and granite tiles. Granite slabs in Denver usually cost more than granite tiles, but offer a lot more in terms of beauty and individuality. Slabs usually come in 6’x 8-12’ rough cut pieces of granite from which an entire countertop can be cut, eliminating or reducing the need for joints. In an area where multiple slabs are needed, they can easily be matched to one another because slabs are cut from the same block of stone, making color consistency and veining a perfect match when multiple pieces are needed.

Granite tiles come from smaller pieces of granite and range in size from 6”x6” to 24”x24” squares. They  are less likely to match each other as well as a slab, but the color and veining again is managed by the installer. Tiles are chosen mostly for economic reasons because they can be a fraction of the cost of a granite slab.

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Homeowners have an array of choices when it comes to edging for granite kitchen countertops; ranging from inexpensive, basic squared edging to elaborate, labor-intensive edging choices that require routing or chiseling. Whichever edging design fits your budget, they are needed to finish off the face of the slab, which comes rough from the mining process. Edging lamination occurs when a similar piece of granite is glued to the underside edge of the slab, creating the impression the counter top is thicker. A laminated edge is sometimes used to cover where the slab meets the cabinet.


Home owners who chose a granite countertop must also choose between a top-mount sink which fits into a hole cut into the counter and is supported on top by a overlapping lip; or an under mount sink, which is laminated to the bottom of the slab, creating one continuous piece with no protruding edge. The most popular amongst these two is the under-mount as it does not have a lip, and any spilled water or food can easily be pushed directly into the sink.

Pricing Varies

Granite Slabs in Denver vary considerably in price; depending on various criteria such as the slab’s size, thickness, color, patterns or veins, edge treatment, and material density, and how common or exotic the stone is. A granite kitchen slab can cost anywhere from $55-$125 per square foot, including fabrication, and depending on the edging, complexity of the layout and other design factors. Even though the cost of granite slabs in Denver are also a solid investment; the general rule of thumb specifies that you will be paid back three times what you initially invested in your granite kitchen countertop.

The Final Key Factor Is The Fabricator

The experience and expertise of your selected fabricator significantly impacts the final outcome of your granite. A good fabricator can only do so much with a poor piece of granite; and an inexperienced fabricator can make a premium granite slab look awful. Granite Imports sells only through fabricators and we have built a network of some of the best in Colorado and other western states. A good fabricator is usually someone who has more than five years of experience, has a good reputation, and is willing to work to create the end product that it’s customers expect. Without these attributes they are not likely to be fabricators for very long, or they don’t buy premium grade granite, instead relying on lower grade materials in order to create cheaper end products.