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Kitchen Renovation? What TV Shows Don’t Tell You about Demo Day

After binge-watching your favorite home renovation series, you can’t wait for demo day to smash it, trash it and make way for your beautiful new cabinets and natural stone countertops. Unfortunately, there’s a lot these shows leave to ‘creative editing.’  And what you don’t know about the behind-the-scenes aspects of demo day can hurt you – and your home.

You Can’t Smash Everything

With all the wild sledgehammer swings you see on TV, it’s easy to forget there’s plumbing and electrical behind the walls – and unless you have an limitless budget and like puttying and sanding, you may need that drywall. This may mean painstakingly unscrewing and dislodging old cabinets or carefully prying away that old backsplash… For hours (or weeks) – not minutes. It’s far less exciting (and time-consuming) than it looks on TV.

Debris Doesn’t Magically Disappear
Also glossed-over? The inevitable pile of rubble created by all that heartfelt hammering, which magically disappears over commercial break. In reality, this will have to be packed into contractor bags or lugged out via barrel or bucket to a construction dumpster – all under your own power. (After which, your aching, drywall-encrusted form will be yearning for takeout for dinner.) Condo or co-op? Double the fun (and time commitment). That 5-minute TV demo montage takes weeks in real life (and that’s with oodles of help from the show crew).

And Speaking of Dust…

No one acknowledges the massive amount of cleaning necessary after demolition. Drywall dust lingers for months, contaminating every surface in your home – front, back and sides. And if you’re lucky that’s all you’ll kick up if you have to hammer into the walls. Mold, dirt, sawdust, ants, roach and rodent droppings are all par for the course in DIY home reno.

Because of Noise, Timing (& Neighbors) Can Be an Issue

Hammering stuff is loud. Tearing down drywall and cabinets is loud. You and your crew stomping around are loud. This is not fun for neighbors, especially those downstairs. Networking, phone calls/emails, careful consideration (and possibly bribery) may be in order. What’s more, you’re also working under the deadline of local noise ordinances.

Problem? Good Luck Finding a Cheap/Simple Solution

On every TV show, when a problem is discovered, a solution instantly comes to light following a simple phone call. In reality, you may be on your own – or in need of hiring pricey professional help. (If it’s available in today’s shortage of skilled laborers.)

Demo drama? Don’t let your kitchen renovation go down in flames. Expect the best and avoid the rest with the help of Granite Imports today.