Kitchen Island Seating Options for a More Functional Space

Adding a new kitchen island in your upcoming renovation, or in the process of revamping your existing one? It’s easy to look to form over function. Unfortunately, that lack in function could make you and your family crazy, especially after a time consuming, costly renovation. Before you update your kitchen or island, carefully consider which seating arrangements meet your daily dining needs.

Island Seating Options to Consider

When considering seating options, don’t let a good view get in the way of functionality. Look to create a living space as much as a work of art…

  • One-Sided Seating
    A common arrangement, one-sided seating is a space saver. However it stifles interaction, and is not ideal for islands that regularly service family mealtimes. This arrangement is best for small families of one or two diners.
  • Adjacent Seating (Seating on an “L”)
    Adjacent seating allows for more diner interaction, and can still save space if seats are stored on a single side until needed. Here, extending the overhang on one long side and one short side creates the capacity for added dining space in a pinch – without losing too much space.
  • Opposite Seating
    A great choice for long, skinny kitchens, opposite seating allows guests to face each other, but can present challenges with serving dishes. Placing backed seats on one side and backless on the opposite provides comfy seats and space savings.
  • Three-Sided Seating
    Three-sided seating generally works best in large kitchens. However a “T” shaped island can offer added flexibility in smaller spaces. Using a quarter or half circle design gives a similar effect, with 3-directions of seating.
  • Four-Sided Seating
    Four-sided provides copious dining space, but it comes at the expense of storage. Go bar height with seats that tuck beneath for added prep space and multifunctional use.

Seating Options to Save Your Sanity (and Your Knees)

  • Figuring Out Chair/Counter Height
    Keep in mind chair height and comfort. No one likes knocking their knees against the counter with every movement. Also keep in mind children/elderly may struggle with taller chairs.
  • Puzzling Out Chair Numbers
    Shop for chair styles before designing your island, as height and width varies widely. Leave plenty of space, keeping in mind extremities are wider than seating. Use tape on the floor to visualize the arrangement.
  • Looking at Legroom
    Beware waterfall counters (and other island designs with sides), which cut into legroom.
  • Backless Stools
    These stealthy stools tuck, and can save space.
  • Chairs with Arms
    Armed chairs offer more comfort, but take up more space.

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