Kitchen Design Tips: 5 Ideas for Solving Common Design Dilemmas

kitchen design

Struggling through kitchen remodel plans? You’re not alone. From minor updates to massive renovations, homeowners face many of the same obstacles when updating their kitchen space. Luckily, we’ve got the tips and tricks you need for solving common kitchen design dilemmas…

  1. Lackluster Color Scheme?
    Cabinet knobs, pulls and handles are a great way to add color and visual interest to any design, and with today’s latest amazing assortment of brilliant metallics, there are many to choose from. Coordinate throughout your kitchen with matching switch plate and outlet covers for a cohesive feel. Partial to full kitchen re-do? Consider replacing countertops with colorful engineered quartz or natural stone options for added pop.

  2. Nowhere to Hide Your Nuker?
    Turn it into a focal point, incorporating it as part of an open countertop storage system. You’ll gain additional storage, and with the right décor, can achieve a design that is both elegant and playful – a move standard upper cabinets cannot manage.

  3. Struggling to Add Visual Interest?
    Adding color and creating visual interest can be tough to tackle in tiny, neutrally tinted kitchens. Here glass-fronted kitchen cabinets shine, giving you the option to easily add pops of color with a few boldly hued dishes here and there. Tired of the color scheme or love to indulge in seasonal décor? It’s an easy swap.

  4. Kitchen Island Falling Flat?
    Afraid the kitchen island you’re planning in your open floor plan home is going to look like someone dropped a box in the center of the room? Turn your island into the centerpiece it should be with a dual-sided waterfall kitchen countertop design.  Adding viewing from all sides, this simple addition can add visual interest in all adjoining rooms.

  5. A Maze of Exposed Surfaces Surrounding Cabinetry, Shelves, & Windows?
    When adding your backsplash, opt for a natural stone tile option with a subtle, neutral palette, extending tile all the way to the ceiling. This seemingly small trick can net an amazing return on beautiful, functional design.


Kitchen design hurdles? We’ve got the cure. Solve your toughest kitchen dilemmas with the help of our free online design tool, or gain inspiration, viewing today’s most popular kitchen design schemes in-person at your area Granite Imports today.