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Kitchen Countertop: Quartz or Corian?

Searching for the perfect kitchen countertop for your home? When it comes to choosing a countertop, quartz and Corian similarities may leave you scratching your head. Just how close in functionality and durability are these uniquely created surfaces? Their differences go more than skin deep…


Both Corian and quartz are man made stone countertops at around the same price point as granite. How close are these engineered rivals in composition? Corian or “solid surface” countertops are comprised of about two-thirds marble dust mixed with about one-third plastic resins and pigments. Quartz slabs are similarly created, albeit with a combination of 90-95% ground quartz, resins and pigments. Which surface is superior?


Comprised primarily of one of the hardest minerals on earth, the smooth surface of quartz is easy to clean with soap and water. Bacteria, mold and mildew, scratch and stain resistant, quartz is the surface of choice in restaurant, healthcare, and kosher settings, its nonporous nature allowing for easy disinfecting and koshering. With higher heat resistance than solid surface countertops, quartz ranks nearly on par with granite, with resin composition (varied by brand) denoting exact temperature tolerances. How does it stack up to Corian? The main appeal of Corian is its capacity for completely seamless design. Outside of this, Corian is not as hard as quartz, and may be stained, scratched and scorched more easily. It is somewhat germ-resistance – but not as resistant as quartz. With toaster ovens and electric griddles, trivets or other protection are necessary to protect its surface against warping from heat. When damaged, however, scrubbing or sanding the surface, the same color throughout, often rectifies the situation.

Color Choice

Corian comes in an array of colors, mostly of the neutral genre, with a few additional options in blue, green and red. Trendy about a decade ago, surface patterns are mainly flecked, leading some to find their appearance “dated.” Some newer, specialty selections, however do offer a veined appearance. Quartz, likewise, comes in variety of neutrals. However color and pattern choice is an area in which quartz shines, providing bold, bright colors in every shade of the rainbow from canary yellow to brilliant blue and red in solid and veined varieties. More skilled in mimicry than its solid surface competition, advances in quartz technology have also allowed for its creation in designs imitating granite, marble, slate, limestone and even concrete, providing an amazing combination of natural looks and manmade durability.
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