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Innovative Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island: Options for Storage & Display
Homeowners often spend a great deal of time selecting kitchen cabinetry, but when it comes to designing their kitchen island, resort to a simple box or basic cabinetry. Yet flexible storage and display options abound for the ever-popular island – options that could add even more to its favored status.


Amp-Up Your Island Addition with these Fresh Options:

Kitchen islands have the potential to offer much more than additional counter space and seating. How can you personalize your island to suit your needs?
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  • Double-Duty Storage/Display Drawers
    Add a glass front door configuration to the end(s) of your island, incorporating a false back. This will allow you to display colorful fruit, cookbooks, and so on – while still maintaining storage space behind for less festive kitchen fare.
  • Cookbook Holder
    Display and provide easy access to your favorite cookbooks and foodie magazine subscriptions with a thin, built-in cookbook nook on one island end, incorporating other creative storage solutions on the reverse.
  • Deep Shelving Display
    Wide, deep display shelves on the end of your island provide a host of flexible options, from cookbook and mason jar storage to hut for decorative storage boxes to cleverly hide kitchen clutter. Kitchen open to your living space? Consider this addition surrounding the seating area, stocking the addition with pictures, knickknacks and personal mementos that blend with your living space.
  • Wine Storage
    Struggling to find a spot to stash yet another bottle of wine? End your frustrations with the addition of a wine storage rack to your kitchen island.
  • Spice Rack
    Sick of scuba diving in the pantry in search of spices? Add an island-end spice rack near your stove for easy access.
  • Built-In Mini Fridge or Wine Fridge
    Island ends are often ideal spots for bar fridges, which fit well into this modestly sized space.
  • Additional Seating
    Sneak a couple extra chairs on the end of your island. Or for those with an open living plan, consider adding an additional table to your island, creating an “L” shaped seating arrangement that does double-duty as added prep space.

What Else Can You Do to Make Your Island Unique?

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