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How to Clean a Natural Stone Shower

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Natural stone shower surrounds can create an unmatched ambiance in your bath, providing looks that can last a lifetime with the proper care. Unfortunately, ignorance of the proper cleaning techniques for natural stone can rob your shower of its luster.


Are Considering Cleaning Your Natural Stone with the WRONG Methods?

The following harsh cleaners can leave scratches, break down sealants and eventually discolor natural stone… 

  • Steer Clear of White Vinegar
    Distilled white vinegar contains natural acids that can quickly breakdown the sealants on natural stone, and will also discolor it over time.
  • Avoid Ammonia
    Ammonia should also be avoided when cleaning stone showers. It not only breaks down sealants, but can emit toxic gases if unknowingly mixed with bleach.
  • Stay Away from Powdered Scrubs
    Abrasive, powdered scrubs will scratch and damage natural stone.
  • Skip Store-Bought Shower Cleaners
    Most retail shower cleaners are extremely caustic, containing acids that can discolor natural stone.


How Should You Keep Your Stone Shower Clean and Free of Soap Scum?

These chemical-free tips will help you keep your stone sparklingly spectacular…

  • Use a Squeegee
    A squeegee is your best friend when it comes to keeping soap scum off of shower walls. This mix of soap, skin cells and water droplets can take hold if you let it dry on the walls of your shower. A quick, after-shower squeegee before it dries can prevent a mountain of cleaning headaches later.
  • Keep Microfiber Towels On-Hand
    Don’t like squeegees? Try catching soap scum with the quick swipe of a microfiber towel. Just be sure to regularly wash your towels, once a week, to prevent microorganisms such as mold and bacteria from growing.
  • Harness the Power of Steam
    A great tool for cleaning stone and grout, canister-style steamers with a hose and attachments are ideal for cleaning the flat surfaces of your shower. Many include special nozzles that will help you clean your grout without the need for harsh chemicals.
  • Consult Your Retailer/Manufacturer
    Your natural stone retailer or engineered quartz manufacturer wants you to be pleased with your product over the long haul, to earn your future business. Look to these resources for a wealth of information, from integral installation specs to care and cleaning practices that will ensure the longevity of your natural stone shower surface.


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